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Marines and the PMAG

Holy Schnookies!  A Marine Using a PMAG.  How Can This Be? - Photo Lance Corporal Tommy Bellegarde USMC

Last fall we published a story on why Marines don’t have the PMAG but it’s about time that we update it. Two models of PMAGs actually do have National Stock Numbers (PMAG 30 Black Window: 1005-01-576-5164 and PMAG 30 Black Non-Window: 1005-01-576-5159). What’s more, the Marine Corps is the only authorized user of these restricted NSNs and has requisitioned them from the Defense Logistics Agency by the thousands, over and over. In fact, there is a procurement of 10,000 PMAGs on the DLA Internet Bid Board System (DIBBS) right now. Not only have we seen documentation attesting to this fact but we have also dug up a few photos from the Department of Defense’s own imagery server as further proof. Despite assertions to the contrary, Marines are using PMAGs, and to great effect.

Looks like their PMAGs fit in their USMC issue ammo pouches. - Photo by Lance Corporal Tommy Bellegarde

Plenty of Army troops are using PMAGs as well, whether issued by the unit or privately purchased. Thus far the Army has fielded 600,000 of a planned 7.7 Million of the new tan follower aluminum magazines and some Soldiers are using the PMAG as an alternative. COL Tamilio, Program Manager for Soldier Weapons recently stated that his office would be publishing a list of approved commercial magazines for use by Soldiers but there is no word on what is expected to be on that list.

We use PMAGs here at SSD. When there was a run on magazines right around the election of 2008, we spent our money on PMAGs. They are affordable and reliable for our use. However, magazines are expendable and should be inspected and maintained regularly and replaced when needed.


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