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Stuff Football

Ever resorted to field expedients in order to play a game of ball? On a deployment, I once suffered a separated rib during a game of American ball played with a lightweight Gore-tex jacket stuffed into it’s pocket. Ah, the memories. As one of my friends recently pointed out, these days with all of the MWR in country you don’t have to use broken up pallets and a ball of duct tape to play softball but something as simple as the Stuff Football from Granite Gear Tactical is a great addition to the pack. It’s football shape features a low profile zipper where the laces usually are, allowing it to pull double duty as a stuff sack. At 1.3 ounces it’s light enough to keep in the pack and while it isn’t a full-size ball, it is pliant, allowing a firm grip and is perfect for impromptu games at an Intermediate Staging Base or just out in the quad on the weekend.

Stuff Football from Granite Gear Tactical

I first saw this at the SpecOps Warfighter Expo East 2010 in Fayetteville, North Carolina earlier this month and was able to purchase one at Extreme Outfitters in Jacksonville a week later. The Stuff Football is Made in the USA from 500D Cordura and available in Coyote as well as UCP. Hands down, users prefer the UCP as it sticks out during play or when being retrieved after a fumble. It is also available in assorted non-tactical colors (yes they do actually exist) but specify the color you need (Coyote or UCP) in the comments at check out.

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