Counterfeit CAT Tourniquets

Many military and Law Enforcement organizations are issuing the Combat Application Tourniquet. Unfortunately, a replica product built in Hong Kong by Element Airsoft and made to resemble the CAT has been showing up in medical equipment sets. Organizations and individuals may see a lower price and think they are getting a good deal but according the briefing below, the E-CAT does not perform to the same standard as the CAT Gen III.

Combat Application Tourniquet (GEN III vs E-CAT)

We have seen this time and time again and the issue is not limited to just medical equipment. Most companies catering to the mil sim or airsoft markets manufacture to a lower standard than US Mil Spec and use lower quality materials, not to mention that they are not Berry Compliant. When a purchaser chooses to save a few bucks, he also cuts corners that can cost lives. It is imperative that the purchaser realistically assesses his needs and purchases the right product for the right application. Remember, buy quality, cry once.

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