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GoPro Camera Test Jump

While traditionally the GoPro Hero has been considered a helmet cam, like so many others Eric Halberstadt realized it could be used in other ways as well. In this case, he attached it to his leg during a static line parachute jump. Eric makes demonstration jumps using WWII equipment as well as a professional TV commercial director of photography.

The GoPro Hero is widely recognized for its use in action sports. One of the huge draws is that it’s relatively inexpensive and with a variety of mounting solutions it can be adapted to any number of uses including attaching it to a rifle. In fact, the GoPro Hero is so small that there might even be room for a couple of them on the rail of your M4 allowing you to capture numerous perspectives. But probably the biggest selling point if the quality of the image. Just look at it, have you seen anything so clear? And all of you legs, make sure you bow down when you watch this video.


Thanks for the help Hans!

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