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Meet the IZLID Ultra

I saw a lot of great kit at last week’s ADS Warrior Expo West, but the new IZLID Ultra from BE Meyers really impressed me. The precise application of airpower has become a cornerstone of our Counter Insurgency strategy and without the proper tools to effectively mark targets, that strategy would be nowhere. The IZLID 1000P has been the work horse for Terminal Attack Controllers for some time, but the new IZLID Ultra offers several advantages.

Just setting the two versions of the IZLID side-by-side you can see a distinct difference. The IZLID 1000P (top) is over 10” long, roughly 2.5” diameter and weighs 27.5 oz with batteries while the IZLID Ultra (bottom) is 8.6” long, about 1.8” diameter, and weighs 11.7 oz with batteries. Both lasers mark targets at very long range (>43 km) with their nominal 1W output at 860 nm but the Ultra really shines due to its compact size and weight and well as a longer battery life. Additionally, the new chassis allows for an improved grip as well easier access to the controls. Notice in the photo, the 1000P has a weapons mount. Rarely if ever, is this used due to the size of the device but with the new Ultra, it may well be an option allowing a TAC to mount it to his rifle.


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