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Practical Applied Stress Training

Practical Applied Stress Training (PAST) is a tailored physical fitness program for Tactical Law Enforcement teams by Optimal SWAT. Designed to help the LEO deal with the physical side of stress and keep rounds on target, PAST prepares students to be on the “wrong end of statistics” meaning training for worst case scenarios. The result is that situations LEOs regularly encounter will be that much easier to master. Author Will Brink feels that traditional methods of short sprints or push ups before a shooting drill employed during many training courses don’t go far enough to recreate the real world. Instead, he has designed a program that incorporates functional strength, dealing with unbalanced loads, and overall strength and fitness combined with shooting scenarios.

PAST does not rely on expensive equipment but rather focuses on functional strength using ropes climbs, vehicles pulls, sand bag and telephone pole carries as well as other activities. Additionally, traditional firearms training tools such as shot timers are used in that portion of the program. This keeps the program within reach of even the most resource constrained department.

The PAST program covers training the individual as well as the team. To this end, the manual offers sample training plans and drills but also focuses on the program at a conceptual level to help teams develop their own tailored program. The author also addresses different forms of measuring progress to allow different users to get the most from the experience. Overall, it looks to be an excellent training tool for the LEO and should be considered for certain military formations as well.

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