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New Knives from SOG

SOG Specialty Knives and Tools has introduced several new knives but here are my two favorites from a utilitarian standpoint.

Swedge II
In conjunction with Brent Beshara, a Canadian special ops military instructor, martial artist, and custom knife maker, SOG has created the Swedge, featuring a new blade geometry that makes the tips of knives stronger and less prone to breaking. There are three different shapes in the Swedge series. Shown is the Swedge II. All knives within the Swedge line, which are available in 8.3”, 9.2” and 10.1” lengths, feature a full tang, G10 handles and a Kydex sheath offering a variety of mounting options.

SOGfari Machete
The first ever SOG machete has paid careful attention to the weight and comfortable handles for extended use. They have added a saw to the back of the blade and a spiked tang from the back of the handle for pounding and scraping as well as holes in the handle for lanyards. Available in 13” and 18” lengths. The price point is so good on this one that I plan on picking one up just to replace my old GI machete.


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