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Blackwater Pro Shops – Coming to a Town Near You

In an effort to distance themselves from the name which many felt was tainted, Blackwater executives came up with the inert name “Xe” to help revamp their tarnished image. Here we are a little over a year later and although Xe didn’t seem to do much for anyone, it seems that the name Blackwater still has some life in it. Despite negative connotations almost everywhere else, the firm still enjoys a great deal of support from the gun owning public. So it only seems natural that the Blackwater name and iconic bear paw logo would begin to see a resurgence. Poised to open are combination pro shops and indoor ranges in Fayetteville, North Carolina and Salem, Connecticut. What is the significance of these two disparate locations you might ask? Fayetteville should come as no surprise as it is home to Fort Bragg. However, many would not know that Salem is right up the road from the Navy’s submarine force based in Groton, Connecticut.

The facade of the new store in Fayetteville is very reminiscent of the original Blackwater Lodge in Moyock. Not only is the name in huge letters across the front of the building, you will also be able to purchase clothing and equipment emblazoned with the logo. If that doesn’t get your blood pumping you can also try out your new firearms at their indoor range.

Will there be more pro shops? Well our guess is that it depends on how well these do. Most people don’t know this but the rise of Soldier Systems Daily is tied directly to the fall of the house of Xe so this move holds a special place in our hearts. We say good luck to Blackwater Pro Shops but isn’t it a little ironic?


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