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Blade Show 2010

BLADE Show has become an International event, which is of National importance to the Knife industry; many new Knife designs & ideas are launched during this event, new Knife Companies make their debut here, and Knife Designer’s & Manufacturers often meet to discuss future Collaborations. Blade Show, held annually at the Cobb Galleria in Atlanta GA – draws knife lover’s & Collector’s, End User’s, Designer’s, Manufacturer’s & Dealer’s – whether it’s a fighting knife, a culinary knife or a pocket knife & nearly anything Knife – the Blade Show is sure to have it or have it represented – it is open to the Public, and if you have never attended, but are a Knife Guru or want to be a Knife Guru – then this is definitely one event you want to put on your calendar for next year…

This year for the first time, Soldier Systems Daily has representation on site – and hopes to bring you answers to some of these questions…

Is there really any difference between Knives made Offshore, and right here in the good ole USA?

How are the Knife collection associations & organizations fairing? Has the interest to collect knives diminished?

Custom Knife or Production Knife? Is there really a difference?

What’s the latest gossip – why did Mike Janich leave ‘MOD’ Master’s Of Defense, and how does MOD’s future look, Now that ATK bought Blackhawk? What’s new over at Spyderco?

This and much more will be brought to you during this weekend event – BLADE SHOW, 2010 – Stay tuned & stay Sharp…

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