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Hyde Definition Announces New PenCott Multi-Terrain Camouflage Patterns

Two new patterns have been specifically optimized for arid “PenCott-Sandstorm” and semi-arid terrain “PenCott-Badlands” joining the original PenCott-GreenZone pattern. These areas are the most common and most likely operational environments for military assistance and special operations forces.

PenCott’s unique digital fractal design dithers four terrain-optimized contrasting colors to create a combination of soft, blended and hard edges for a more natural-looking texture, and the illusion of a wider spectrum of color tones. This makes it harder for the human eye to process, and recognizable shapes become more difficult to detect and recognize.

Additionally, Hyde Definition has revised their licensing rates to make it even easier for companies to produce their own clothing and equipment designs in the PenCott camouflage pattern. Contact Dom Hyde for further details.

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