Ernie Emerson Talks Emerson

Our correspondent caught up with Emerson Knives, Inc owner Ernie Emerson at Blade Show and this is what he had to say. When asked, Ernie Emerson indicated that the key to Emerson Knives is to ‘Stay on Focus’ and to continue to deliver the same quality knife today that he did 15-20 years ago. His goal is to have folks who carried a CQC-7 15 years ago, to pick up a new CQC-7 and feel the same high quality today they did the first time they handled one. He also really likes to see when folks stop by and show him a CQC-7 they’ve carried numerous times on the battlefield, or out hunting, or wherever his knives find themselves on the planet. It’s a fact the Emerson Name and Fame have grown over the past fifteen years and continue to do so. As long as Ernie Emerson and Emerson Knives continue to build to exacting specifications and deliver high quality knives, their product will continue to be found wherever Warriors go.

Ernie also provided us with a couple of pictures of the new Roadhouse.

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