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The Colony Season Two

Discovery channel’s “The Colony” begins its second season the Tuesday, 27 July at 10 PM Eastern.

Last season’s experiment took place in an urban Los Angeles industrial park and looked at survival from a group dynamic. In addition to numerous innovative solutions to standard survival challenges like food and water,the survivors also had to deal with the dynamics of small groups made up of individuals from disparate backgrounds. Show producers also introduced a variety of moral dilemmas as well as encounters with both hostiles and needy displaced persons. For us, what made this show stand out were the innovative tech solutions applied to the challenges of survival and the group dynamic and their approach to the situation.

This season looks to be even better. The venue has changed and the underlying cause is a biological disaster which will pose its own set of challenges. Over 50 days (10 episodes), the seven new survivors will face a variety of challenges including hostile invaders. Their new home is a 10 acre area in Chalmette, Louisiana destroyed by Hurricane Katrina.

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