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Wndsn Announces North American Distribution with Stately Asset Protection

Thursday, September 3rd, 2020

German company Wndsn has announced that Stately Asset Protection will offer their High-Viz White Quadrant Telemeter, MIL/MOA Range Calculator and Telemeter Dog Tag. All products are about to be shipped and are due stateside by mid to late September.

Leatherman x Tonquin Trading Emergency Kits

Thursday, September 3rd, 2020

Leatherman Tools has partnered with Tonquin Trading to introduce three distinct emergency kits. The core of each of these kits is a Leatherman tool with select contents packed in a color-coded, zippered nylon bag, with room for a little more to customize your kit.

Raptor Trauma Kit

In addition to the Leatherman Raptor folding scissors, there’s a SAM XT Tourniquet, nitrile gloves, chest seal, 6” gauze roll, Chitosam 3” x 4’, marker, and cloth tape.

Signal Survival Kit

The survival kit is built around Leatherman’s flagship model, the Signal which is packed with 19 tools. The help keep you alive, there’s also a survival blanket, hand warmer, poncho, pull fire, face mask, toiletries (pocket tissue), light stick, signal mirror, matches, Paracord 50′, and Sawyer Mini water filter.

Wave Plus Repair Kit

In addition to the 18 tool Wave Plus, the kit includes: Duct Tape (2 in x 10 yd), waterproof matches, electrical tape, safety pins (1 3/4″), zip ties 24″ (x2), shop rag, Paracord 50′, thermoplastic repair tape, gear patches, superglue, nylon repair thread and needle set, and 19 gauge wire.

Here, Tonquin Trading founder Jason Johnson, gives you an overview.


Tracer Tactical – Covert Tongue Inserts

Friday, August 28th, 2020

Tracer Tactical’s Covert Tongue Inserts are designed to work with footwear, lacing into the tongue portion Coyote Tan pictured.

Perfect for SERE related items and other tools.

True North Concepts – Miniature Brass SERE Compass

Friday, August 21st, 2020

This is the miniature brass SERE compass. Made by the same the government contractor that makes them for issued survival kits, True North Concepts added some extra goodness, including a waterproof/crush resistant case.

The compass isn’t restricted, the vintage map they’re sitting on was. Even though they are button size, these compasses will get out of a jam. I used one to navigate my way through a five-day E&E course in West Virginia back in the 90s.

And yes, they glow in the dark.


USAF SERE Training Film – How To Catch A Fish

Sunday, June 7th, 2020

United States Air Force Film Training Aid FTA, 279Q. “Survival Training”. This is a 1950s, black and white military training film. The film is intended to show stranded persons how to catch fish through several means to survive. The film is narrated. Fishing. The film opens with a man fishing on the side of the river with a branch. A soldier is seen walking along the banks of a river 1:10. A man is creating fishing gear 1:40. A man fashions a hook from a key 2:09. A man makes a fishing pole out of a branch 2:34. A man digs for bait 3:12. Earthworms are found 3:22. A man fashions fishing lures out of regular items 4:00. Man fashions a spear from a branch and kills a fish 4:15. Man creates a gaffe 4:50. Man fashions a spear out of bamboo 5:00. Man creates a fishing trap out of his parachute 5:30. Man punctures trap to allow water to flow through 6:07. Man places bait into fish trap 6:23. Man creates mesh net to catch fish 8:35. Man ties weights to the bottom of the net to hold it in the water 9:06. Man places net across the river 9:38. The net catches fish by the gills in the riverbed 10:30. Man creates a trite line with several hooks along a single line 11:15. Produced by United States Air Force Photographic and Charting Service. (MATS). 1958.

Air Force SERE Modernizes Training

Saturday, June 6th, 2020


The 336th Training Group is streamlining Air Force Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape training with several possible permanent changes to modernize training which have been under review but are being expedited because of COVID-19.

As a response to COVID-19, SERE training at the group paused for 14 days to implement movement restrictions, which is when healthy individuals with no known exposure or illness monitor their own health status prior to being introduced into a previously healthy population.

“This has been near and dear to my heart for the last 15 months in planning,” said Col. Carlos Brown, 336th Training Group commander. “We are confident this new format of training will be able to get the right Airman, the right training and the right time and make the training process more efficient.”

The changes will involve shifting the SERE training paradigm from a one-size fits all approach to a flexible and more efficient concept that will adequately prepare forces for a high-end conflict, including the incorporation of distance learning into the curriculum.

“These changes will provide more tailored training for our Airmen while delivering them to their combat units more quickly,” said Maj. Gen. Craig Wills, 19th Air Force commander. “This is an exciting development that saves our most valuable resource – our Airmen’s time, while preparing our Air Force to better meet the demands of the 21st century fight.”

Initial SERE training for Airmen at high risk of isolation has been conducted through four courses over a 26-day period. Now, leaders at 336th TRG believe they have found a way to restructure the training requirements, which make it more efficient and ultimately saves time. COVID-19 expedited the need to test these changes, which are proving to be beneficial.

“Reducing the length of the SERE training helps accommodate personnel’s needs, especially through this pandemic,” Brown said. “We are professionalizing our Airmen through continued distance-learning education and getting after some long-term projects to modernize the SERE enterprise.”

The modernization effort, if approved by the Air Force, will provide tailored and targeted training based on an Airman’s AFSC and the level of risk they may face on the battlefield. This custom approach to training targets the right Airman, at the right time, in the right place for training.

“Currently the Air Force is working with every major command in the Air Force to better understand their SERE training needs, and we are confident these changes put into place because of COVID-19 will be in line to meet those requirements,” Brown said.

Story by C Arce, Air Education and Training Command Public Affairs

Photo by 1st Lt Kayshel Trudell

Gray Bearded Green Beret – E&E Kit

Friday, May 29th, 2020


-6 piece Titanium Lock Pick Set
-6?, 200lb. break strength kevlar escape cordage
-Covert handcuff key made of plastic
-Micro-clip handcuff key, plastic
-Escape Capsule – Size: 0.76” length x 0.26“ diameter. Weight: 0.01 oz.
-Bypass Knife Tool – Works on most file cabinet locks, many basic padlocks, and even Darby style handcuffs
-Mini Shim Decoder – Works on some padlocks, handcuffs and zip-ties
-Handcuff Shim


OscarDelta – Tyvek Delta Pouch

Friday, May 15th, 2020

Developed and designed by Karl OscarDelta, the Tyvek Delta Pouch provides a method of carry and concealment for a passport,
cash card, bank notes and other valuable items. It’s non-magnetic, tough and super lightweight (9g and only 2mm thick when empty). Held around the waist with an elastic band.

Available in Black or White Tyvek, they even offer a pattern of you want to fashion your own from Tyvek.

Visit www.oscardelta.co.uk/discreet_carry to order.