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Energizer Year End Kit

The folks at Energizer have been hard at work putting a special kit together to support year end purchases. The kit includes the Swivel Head Light, AA Helmet Light, Berry Compliant Carrying Pouch, and 6 Energizer AA Batteries as well as the MOLLE, Cap, Helmet, and Picatinny rail Mounts. You can also receive a head strap when you register your lights.

Energizer Year End Kit

You can’t just get this kit anywhere. Energizer has restricted it to those companies that have been actively marketing the Energizer line of Hard Case Tactical lights.

Use these part numbers:
HCT2GHLKL.B1 (Helmet with Blue secondary LED)
HCT2GHLKL.R1 (Helmet with Red secondary LED)

Energizer Hard Case Tactical


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