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Warrior Expo East Recap

For those of you that missed the Warrior Expo East presented by ADS, the video will give you an idea of what it was like. The event was simply fantastic. You have already seen a few of the surprises that were unveiled at the show and we can assure you that more are on their way, including a major announcement from ADS. Additionally, are looking forward to introducing our readers to new subjects such as Maintenance and Recovery Operations.

We spoke with most of the vendors and the general feeling was very positive. While some related that it could be months before they see any orders based on the meetings they had at the show, everyone agreed that they would see an increase in business.

On the other hand, attendees were very positive about not only the access to the latest technologies and equipment but also the seminars and demonstrations that were part of the program. The real key to this success is that these events combine users with requirements with vendors who provide a variety of solutions. Add to this ADS’s access to several procurement vehicles and you’ve got the trifecta. It’s hard to get all of these ingredients together and they have succeeded.

Make sure you don’t miss next year’s event. And if you can’t make it, keep an eye out for a regional show coming soon to your installation. Until then, be sure to visit the ADS Youtube channel to see all of the Warrior Expo videos.


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