TNT – A Knife, by ZERO POINT

Zero Point is a small company established by a group of US Navy EOD Tech’s with a great deal of tactical experience who saw a need for unique equipment to support the EOD mission. They specialize in Training/Equipment and Development of New Equipment for unique requirements and mission sets.

The TNT is obviously built and designed by folks who have been in the trenches and know what is necessary for this unique group of warfighters. The staff at ZERO POINT; Perry, Bob, and Jeff, impressed us as guys who know what the end user would benefit from and you can see this in the TNT. Thanks to Perry over at ZERO POINT for allowing us to push their knife through some serious testing and evaluation or the past three months.

As we’ve mentioned in previous articles on knives, they are a personal choice, and will often be misused and abused – we’ll let you decide when and where to do that. While a few will choose not to carry a knife, many others choose to do so and a few choose to carry several knives at the same time. This author believes a good cutting blade can often be more useful than any number of other tools if used properly. When mounted and carried in an easily accessible location the knife is often the first tool at hand.

Not every knife is a fighting tool but rather, many are utilitarian, which is exactly what the TNT is, in both design and form.

For example, the sheath is made of KYDEX and is ready to go with either MOLLE or belt attachment hardware. Additionally, it can quickly be attached via straps for SCUBA/Dive Operations. Now that’s some forward thinking, wouldn’t you agree? Very versatile.

Not only is TNT a slick design, it’s made of some pretty impressive material as well.

The TNT Knife is made of grade 5 titanium (annealed) Ti-6AI-4V. Perry tells us this is basically aerospace grade titanium. That’s some pretty impressive material. Further their knife registered .79 on the magnetometer, which easily qualifies as non-magnetic. So if you have a J-O-B that requires your tools be non-magnetic, then TNT will easily fit this bill.

TNT impressed us time and again as we cut, hacked, tore, ripped, sawed, smashed, thwacked and thumped our way through the junk yard. Really there’s an unlimited list of opportunities inside a junk yard and this knife really did some neat stuff. Additionally, we utilized the TNT in training and real-world applications which should never be separated. Remember the old adage; You will Fight like You Train.

Fit, Form, Feel, and Functionality are always of importance to the end user. Although the TNT may look meek and mild, it is very well built and will take most any abuse it can be subjected to.

The blade is flat edged so there is no way to puncture or rip a lifevest or rubber boat, making this design is an excellent choice for Dive Ops as well as for use in other Maritime applications.

TNT is more than an EOD Knife. It will also easily facilitate numerous capabilities such as cutting through pipe, leather, cloth, straps/seat belts, and anything you may face in the field. This knife is sure to do so with ease and precision. Just look at this video as it cuts through a hydraulic pipe with the saw side of the blade, under the hood of this car in the junkyard.

Smashing through a window is not as easy as it seems on TV where things are not always portrayed correctly. Attempting to use a round ended or blunt object to break a vehicle window often ends in utter failure. That’s why it’s important to have the right tool at hand, or in this case the right knife with the right tip as it can make all the difference in the world. Design, form, fit, and functionality all work together in this knife, making window breaking a simple task.

Slim Profile and Ergonomic Design combined with Sheath fit and functionality are all capabilities built into one small knife unit.

After seeing how this knife easily cuts multiple wires, breaks windows and saws through tubing, you can only imagine how well it would work in any of the multitude of tasks you could use a knife for. TNT is definitely one of those GOT TO HAVE items in any Go-Bag!!!

To get yours, order direct from ZERO POINT or from


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