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Soldier Worn Integrated Power Equipment System

Electric Fuel Battery has developed the Soldier Worn Integrated Power Equipment System (SWIPES) which has caught the interest of the US Army’s Research Development Engineering Command. SWIPES provides Soldier worn Communications and Electronic devices a “trickle charge” from a Zinc-Air battery (provided with each SWIPES), which keeps the equipment’s charge consistently above 80%.

The SWIPES system uses a Hub and wiring system which is routed through the Soldier’s gear to its source (radio, DAGR or other application). The Hub is the brains of the system and automatically allows the correct amperage and voltage access to each application, thus taking the burden off of the Soldier. The Soldier simply drops his radio into the Multicam charging station and the Hub takes over the recharging responsibilities.

Each SWIPES Hub charges up to four devices and comes with:
– Two recharging stations. Currently the MBITR/JEM radio, the Motorola XTS Series radios and the FALCON 152 radio is supported.
– One DAGR recharging cord.
– One Zinc-Air BA-8140S battery with a Multicam carrying pouch.
– One Conformal 8140 battery to be worn in your rear body armor pouch.
– One extra wire is open and available on the SWIPES wiring harness for a future application.

Blackheart International is the sole distributor of the SWIPES system. And don’t forget, Blackheart will be available to support end of year purchases until 2400 on September 29th and 30th. In addition to the website, you can also call them at (304) 457-1280, or (877) 244-8166.


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