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Apocalypse Now: Full Disclosure

I didn’t need Tactical FanBoy to point this one out to me. My life changed for the better in 1979 when “Apocalypse Now” came out. I still get goose-bumps every time I hear “Ride of the Valkyries”. Of course my dad wouldn’t take me, I think it was a little too soon for him and the whole thing freaked him out a little bit. But I saw it all the same, and the whole idea of becoming a fighter pilot went the way of the dodo. I would venture to say that it played just as significant a role in most SSD reader’s lives as well.

Zoetrope has just released Apocalypse Now: Full Disclosure, a three-disc Blu-ray edition that includes the original 1979 cut, the Redux version that adds several scenes to the opus, as well as the making-of documentary “Hearts of Darkness. Nothing like seeing Martin Sheen suffer a heart attack, it’s sort of a form a poetic justice. Additionally, this is the first time the film has been offered in Blue-ray. If this is where the sickness started for you too, it’s a must-have.



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