MRAP Turret Hatch Cover

From Bogert Group and Bearse USA comes a fabric turret cover for the MRAP and up armored HMMWV. Based on requirements directly from troops in Afghanistan, Bearse developed a cover to combat issues such as corroded ammo and links as well as slippage on truck floors and electronics faults due to water.

Bearse started the project based simply on a need from a unit in Afghanistan and worked with them to perfect the design. What is even more impressive is that they did it for free. Only after the final covers were fielded and they started to get more requests for the covers did they decide to work with Bogert Group to offer them. Designed to be affixed to the turret when not in use they not only keep water and snow out of the vehicle, but they also protect the turret itself as well as the interior from the effects of the sun.

Crafted from 500 denier nylon UCP material on the outside lined with a ripstop nylon on the inside it features grommets around the edges as well as bungees to help keep the fabric taut. Some of the improvements that were made to the covers while under development was the addition of extra materials around the edges so it would hang further over the lip of the turret and resist pooling water from torrential downpours.

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