Massif Rocks!


I grew up with Scouting and obviously I had great parents since they gave me the opportunity to join Scouts, first as a Cub and later as a Boy Scout and Explorer. The experience left a lifelong impression on me. “Be Prepared” is more than just Scouting’s motto. Today, it seems to be a lost art. As an adult I apply the skills I learned in Scouting everyday. Once, when I was home on leave from the service I was able to visit my old Scout Troop and tell them that I had a job where I applied the field living and survival skills I learned as a kid in my job. I didn’t watch someone else do those things on The Discovery Channel, or watch a Youtube video of some guy starting a fire. Rather I learned how to live in the wild with my own two hands. That’s something that’s missing from most children’s lives; hands on, outdoor living. So this is a plug for Scouting. If you have kids yourself, or young relatives, or even friend’s children, get them involved in Scouting. Boys and Girls both. They are great programs that get them outside and learning how to do things; to live and love the outdoors. In addition to Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts has Explorer and Venture programs for teenage girls. I mean, hey, they are 100 years old, they must be doing something right.

-The Ed

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