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Ultraviolet Reflective Camouflage

These days, camouflage is more than just blending into the foliage. It means blending into the background in the Infra-Red and Ultra Violet spectrums as well. Handheld IR sensors are widely found, even in commercial form and UV sensors are often employed as airborne sensors. UVRC (Ultraviolet Reflective Camouflage) by UVR Defense Technologies is a spray on application that controls UV reflectivity. Due to its properties, different preparations are used in varying concentrations to mimic to amount of UV reflectivity in the background environment. For example, a Soldier in an arid environment would use a 22% concentration to mimic silicates.

This video depicts a MARPAT uniform blouse. One side was treated with UVRC and the other side was not. The video was shot with a low resolution camcorder that had been modified to record images in the ultraviolet spectrum. Below is a with the treatment under normal visible light as well as UV. You can really see the difference.

UVRC is restricted to qualified Government clients. To learn more visit

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