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How the Russian Horde Eats

While Napoleon proclaimed that, “An Army marches on its stomach!”, he was marching on Russia. It seems as though the modern Russian Army has taken this advice to heart, as apparently, they recently won first place in a European Food Exhibition (military category) with their “Individual Diet, Battle” or, as it known with the troops, the IRP-B-1. Picli, at LiveJournal has assembled quite the exploitation report on said Russian ration. Make sure you go read it. The style of writing is awesome, but I still wonder what the hell “conservation gas” is. While I would hazard to guess that most SSD readers are suspicious of Russian military cuisine, I must admit that I am impressed that the manufacturers of the various ration components were proud enough of their products to put their names on the labels. Besides, who wouldn’t want a rat pack with a built in handle?


How many guys are in a Russian Horde anyway?

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