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Look Ma, No Stache!

Soldier Story and Cal-Tek USA are releasing an 12″ action figure of none other than 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (SOAR) ‘Night Stalkers’ Pilot CW4 Todd McDunn. Since retiring from the Army, ‘McStache’ as he is fondly known, has been in charge of Eagle’s aircrew systems program.

With assistance from Monkey Depot, Soldier Story and Cal Tek have worked with a real 160th pilot Chief Warrant Officer McDunn. Eagle Industries supplies the tactical nylon gear to the Night Stalkers and CWO McDunn is in the unique position of not only having served in the 160th, but have access to the ‘latest and greatest’ upcoming gear allowing Soldier Story to have unprecedented access to the gear load out of a 160th pilot. In addition, this is the only action figure produced to have the approval to use the official Night Stalkers insignia and be approved by the unit.

The 160th SOAR “Night Stalkers” Todd McDunn figure is loaded with accurate equipment and features the new Eagle CIACS 6 aviation body armor. The HGU-56 helmet has been engineered based on an actual helmet and includes the smallest details never before produced in 1/6th. This amazing figure will be available at all authorized Soldier Story retailers in January 2011.


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