Mountain Rucks from Mystery Ranch

There are a lot of folks who still prefer ALICE over any of the new stuff. As we all know, the weakest link in the big green tick was the frame. On top of that, ALICE was designed in the late 60s of state of the art materials for the time, which is essentially parapack and so is prone to developing holes in high wear areas. Well, Mystery Ranch has ALICE beat in both areas and has taken inspiration from the classic design but developed an entirely new pack from the ground up. Naturally, like ALICE, the Mountain Ruck is available in two sizes, Medium and Large. The Large came first, but immediately they had customers come back and tell them that they needed a smaller pack with the same features.

The Mountain Ruck sits atop the highly popular NICE frame which can be used with a variety of Mystery Ranch bags as well as to transport awkward loads like the old issue packboard. They also made the Mountain Ruck backward compatible with the ALICE frame for you diehards. The Large pack offers 5300 cu in of cargo capacity but PALS webbing is available for those who need additional space. The pack also features three external Rip-Zip pockets that are a cinch to open in a hurry.

Available in Coyote and MultiCam. Be sure to inquire about the medium size of it fits your needs.


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