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Icon Lights

Designed by legendary flashlight designer Paul Kim (PK), Icon lights are at once elegant in design, yet tough enough to take a beating. For those of you unfamiliar with PK, he is the design genius behind SureFire’s success. In fact, he has a cult-like following in his home of Korea. Having spent some time speaking with him, we can definitely see Icon as the perfect creative outlet for him.

No, Icon Lights aren’t tactical but they are performance products, and are a great option for Every Day Carry. In fact, they are perfect for the crowd that demands performance but doesn’t want to look like a mall ninja. Plus, they make great gifts for the folks in your life who want to abscond with your duty lights. With Icon, they will get the performance in a package that fits in a bit more with the suburban lifestyle. Regardless of model, Icon Lights share a couple of common features: Innovative design elements and the use of LEDs combined with the latest lens technology (TIR) to maximize performance.

While there is an entire line up of handheld lights and headlamps now available, our favorite is the Link. It’s aluminum body features an integrated carabiner clip so it will always be handy whether carrying your keys or attached to a day pack. Powered by a single AA battery, it will produce 50 lumens for 3 hours or 6 lumens for 70 hours. Power settings are determined by the “clickie” tailcap switch. We picked one up and it proved so popular here at the home office that it was claimed for use the first day and we can’t get it back!

Icon Lights caught on early with the candle power crowd and continue to grow in popularity as they increase in availability. In fact, they are beginning to show up places you would have never expected such as Radio Shack and regional test marketing in a couple of big box outlets.


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