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Marine Corps Bn Infantry Ops Support Kit

This is kind of a move toward anti-digitization but the guys at THULS are hardly Luddites. Their products provide personnel with rewritable checklists. As you can see, the new Bn Infantry Ops Support (BIOS) Kit was developed specifically for the Marine Corps but it is component based so it can be tailored with a mix of existing products or newly created cards for special requirements. As we previously wrote, these preprinted cards are laminated allowing you to fill in information with a nonpermanent marker and reuse them over and over.

They have fully formalized a Marine Corps BIOS with over 9000 individual items of 12 products going into a full kit for a Battalion. THULS conducted a trial run last week on Camp Pendleton by dropping in, unannounced, and showing a high res binder of the information below. Interest was very high.

They are currently printing the products for a February availability. The official launch will be at Marine West, the week after the SHOT Show.

Thuls Bios Kit


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