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SD Padres’ New Uniforms a Little Too Good

The Padres have long worn camouflage uniforms in honor of the large military presence in the San Diego area. Previous versions have included Woodland and 3-color Desert. Recently, they unveiled jerseys in a new pixelated camo pattern which resembles MARPAT Desert. Padres officials are concerned that the desert coloring won’t be discernible as a camo pattern and may wash out the player’s number and name.

From the San Diego Union-Tribune:

The digital pattern creates no solid lines or edges and blurs the outline of the human profile. Even the seams have soft edges.

As a Marine wearing a MARPAT uniform moves around, the colors mesh with the background.

“Up close, they look great,” said Jack Ensch, the Padres’ retiring director of military affairs. “But they are going to blend in more on television and from the stands. Many fans aren’t going to be able to tell that these are camouflage uniforms paying tribute to the military.”

Sounds to me like it does exactly what it is supposed to.

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