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What’s Next from Salomon?

About two years ago, Salomon introduced the Quest 4D in Grey to a couple of specialized military units. Uber Group, US reps for Salomon took a look at Salomon’s international offerings and came up with the Cosmic in Grey, bringing it right into the US market.

The boots are somewhat similar so the bottom line is; the Quest is sewn construction and the Cosmic is glued. While both integrate running shoe technology, think of the Cosmic as the next step based on construction. In the photo above, you can see the Cosmic in the foreground and the Quest peaking from the back.

Now, this last bit is cool as hell. Rumor has it that the Cosmic is vegan. Now how awesome would it be to know that you are being environmentally and socially conscious while you are hunting down Islamo-fascist terrorists? I mean, you would totally score with the chicks if you let slip “Well sure I terminate with extreme prejudice, but I wear vegan footwear while doing it.”

Available VERY soon from purveyors of fine tactical equipment.


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