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S&S Precision’s M320 Accessories

As the M320 becomes more and more common in the Army, troops are beginning to realize how versatile it is and what an improvement over the M203 it offers. For example, it is easily attached and detached from the M4 and M16 for use as a stand alone Grenade Launcher. As issued, when it is used in this stand-alone configuration, the shoulder stock is awkward and there is not a versatile direct-over-bore mounting solution for aiming devices. But, for those who want more from their M320, S&S Precision has developed a Buttstock and GL Sight Mount, that when attached to the M320, greatly increase its versatility.

Sure, there’s a stock available from H&K and the buttpad is huge. The S&S Precision option is manufactured from 7075 Aluminum, with a small rubber composite pad and attachment point for retention systems. Additionally, it features three stops and is easily removed from the weapon like an M4 stock.

The GL Sight Mount consists of a Mount Base as well as two configurable bases; a Low Profile Rail and a Stepped Rail. As you can see, it is designed to mount directly above the bore rather than offset to the side and can be configured with either rail to accommodate your aiming solution. The mount is raised in order to facilitate a good cheek weld. This also means that you can fully collapse the stock below the mount.

Additionally, S&S Precision builds the M320 holster, designed specifically to carry the weapon in its stand alone configuration. Made from Kydex, it is a rigid holster and features a bungee back up retention as well as a barrel plug to keep it debris free.

Grenade Launcher Holster from S&S Precision Grenade Launcher Holster from S&S Precision

For more information visit S&S Precision online. The more popular S&S Precision products become, the more likely they will be knocked off. Ensure you are purchasing products from authorized dealers lest you risk buying counterfeits made with substandard materials. For a full list of dealers, visit www.sandsprecision.com/distributors.


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