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As the name might imply, FrogLube was developed by former Navy Frogmen. Other than the fact that it works, the fact that FrogLube is “green” really sets it apart from other options on the market. Made from food-grade ingredients, it is a bio-based cleaner, lubricant and preservative. There is nothing caustic or harmful. FrogLube is non-flammable, has extremely wide temperature range and it’s nonhazardous. Human contact with FrogLube is safe since it contains no known toxins. If you wanted to, you could eat it. This means that used cleaning rags are safe to launder and that it is friendly to plastics, rubber and urethane. This means that it can be used with o-rings, nylon and rubber parts. We used up our small sample awhile back and it worked well.

Currently, FrogLube comes in two flavors, oil and paste. You use the liquid like you would any other liquid-based cleaner but the paste allows you to cram it into the recesses where it prevent corrosion from setting in. It is definitely worth looking into, particularly if you concerned about storing and using lots of chemicals.


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