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Support a Worthy Cause and Get a Tshirt – Update

ORDERS CLOSE Wednesday, March 9 at Midnight

Elite Defense is helping some friends raise money for the children of SSG Kevin Pape and SFC Lance Vogeler, from 1/75th Ranger Battalion. All proceeds from Tshirts sold will be given to the families. Shirts are $20 and come in sizes: small, medium, large, & x-large; shipping will be based on flat rate boxes from the post office, so a flat rate of $5 for 1-4 shirts and flat rate of $10 for 4 or more shirts. Make sure you get it in time for Saint Patrick’s Day so order now. I saw the list of how many folks have ordered and I know we can do better than this.

The organizers have asked us to tell you that ORDERS CLOSE Wednesday, March 9 at Midnight. All orders received after midnight will not be filled. This does not mean you have to have your money turned in by the 9th but they do need to have all orders completed.

To verify an order you have already placed please contact:


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