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Journal Bandolier

If you use a journal to take notes then you probably run into the same problem that we do; what to do with your pens. And, if you’re like us, you probably have a whole collection of pens. So what do you do with your pens? The maker of the Journal Bandolier had exactly the same problem.

Here is a concise description from the website.

This style of Bandolier is handmade using reclaimed rubber and elastic. The strap is 2 inches wide and sewn into a loop which measures 5.75 inches long when laid flat. It fits easily around books that run a little over 5 inches wide such as the Moleskine 5.52×8.25 inch journal or the Handbook journal of a similar size. Each loop is approximately 1 inch wide. There are a total of 7 loops.

Notice how the maker spells Bandolier. That lets you know that it will only be available on Etsy. Unfortunately, the only cool color is Black, but that’s ok, because so are our Moleskines. Product may vary slightly from the photo as they are all handmade and custom sizes are also available.


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    Nice Tea Cup