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Tac Apps – CamoScience Begets Special Operations Apps

The CamoScienceâ„¢ App from MW Research and Development, Inc has spurred the launch of a new company; Special Operations Apps. Their mandate is to “design and field applications specifically for warfighter mobile devices, touchscreens, laptops, and smartphones.” This includes Android and iOS.

“Special Operations Apps uses common platforms, like the Apple or Android systems, to integrate different hardware and equipment and centralize them into common, familiar, smart devices that the operators already know or own,” said K. Dominic Cincotti, who founded MW Research and Development, Inc and also serves president of Special Operations Apps.

“So we lighten the operator’s load and provide more real-time data, improved capabilities, and more effective targeting — taking full advantage of cutting-edge commercial devices without the need for budgeting and developing new and expensive devices and platforms that only serve one function,” he said. “We get more powerful devices at lower costs and without the need to re-invent the wheel.”

As an aside, Cincotti’s father is the late COL Joseph G. Cincotti (USA), the original ground-force commander of Blue Light. If you don’t know your history, do some research on Blue Light.

For the new company, Cathlena Spencer, who the led the commercial-application team for CamoScienceâ„¢ has been named Chief Technology Officer of Special Operations Apps. Mark Tocci, a former Ranger and patent-pending inventor, will serve as Vice President of Business Development. David Mullins, a former Special Forces operator, will lead in-house subject matter experts. I served with Dave and he is a great guy. In fact, his wife encouraged me to earn my degree when she worked at the Smoke Bomb Hill ed center.

Special Operations Apps is based in Wilmington, NC, strategically located between Fort Bragg and Camp Lejeune, and convenient to Virginia Beach, VA.

With both the Army and USASOC hell bent for leather to field Android devices to their troops maybe we can get Special Operations Apps to develop an Android app for us. If you need some work done, they have let us know that requests for new apps should contact them via 650-209-0762.

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