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Military-Grade Optics Meets iOS via US Night Vision and Special Operations Apps

Monday, May 28th, 2012

We are constantly impressed with the development work that Special Operations Apps conducts. This latest project sees them teaming with US Night Vision, Hoodman USA, and Jonathan Springer to produce the Special Operations Apps/System for Optical Attachments or [SOA]2. It offers image geo-tagging in the standard Military Grid Reference System in frame-stamped high-definition video, geo-located and accurate within seven (7) meters.

Unveiled at last week’s SOFIC, the concept is to attach mobile mat devices to weapons and use them to record data and add value to the weapon’s other sensors such as image intensification systems.

SOA established a Joint Teaming Alliance (JTA) with US Night Vision, Hoodman USA, and Jonathan Springer, the US Army captain who created the critically acclaimed Tactical Nav App that has been soldier-deployed in the fiercest combat zones.

In a press release, SOA founder K. Dominic Cincotti related, “In addition to the Apple iPhone 4S and the New iPad,”we’re also excited about the platforms and devices like the Windows phones, the Android, the Lumia 9000, and the Nokia PureView, with its game-changing 41-megapixel camera.” He added that all of these are under consideration for [SOA]2 development, and his companies are in continuing talks with Nokia.

2012 – The Year of Materials

Monday, January 9th, 2012

We’ve already seen a prediction that 2012 will be the year of camouflage, and to a degree with this is true. Lots of patterns will be unveiled pursuant the US Army Camouflage Improvement Effort but with their program slipping further and further behind schedule the home run, winner-take-all announcement doesn’t look good for this year.

Instead, I’d like to propose that materials will be king this year. Whether they are completely new or just new ways of using existing ones, materials will have a major impact on our industry in 2012 and beyond.
We’ve already seen materials making a toe-hold. Consider Tyr Tactical’s PV material or Blue Force Gear’s Helium Whisper and you can see that there is a gradual shift in basic materials application. Then, there is whole revolution in digital printing that is allowing companies like GHOSTEX and Special Operations Apps to rapidly develop and produce new, tailored camouflage patterns as well as clothing and equipment in those patterns. The day when a client can identify an operational area and the radios, weapons and other equipment to be used and have clothing and individual equipment tailored in form and function within weeks rather than months is here. The scale is still limited but the capability exists.

Changes unveiled this year will shake some trees and leave a lasting impact how we do business. Even more importantly, these developments will inspire further changes in the out years as a new generation of developers begins to search outside the box for inspiration.

Look for a few of these new applications over the next few weeks and you’ll see what we mean.

Special Operations Apps Announces New Camouflage Technology

Thursday, January 5th, 2012

K. Dominic Cincotti is calling 2012 the year of camouflage and he might just be right. Camo is going to be all over the place in 2012, (just don’t hold your breath waiting for the US Army to make a decision anytime soon). However, plenty of new camouflage patterns and signature management technologies are going to become available for those in need. One of the companies at the forefront of this new emphasis is Cincotti’s company, Special Operations Apps.

In a press release, Cincotti said, “Camo, a multibillion-dollar business, will make huge gains in 2012, because it will mark a turning point in how camo is designed and made. Camouflage design has changed very little for centuries — until now, but new technologies, focused on how we design and manufacture camo, will produce a new shift in this market estimated to be in the billions.” We couldn’t agree more.

SOA has already begun to bring customized camouflage to the individual operator level with CamoScienceâ„¢ HD which combines a smartphone camera with an onboard app to produce a specialized camouflage pattern specifically for the area photographed (as seen above). The results are tuned for the environment it is produced in and can be exported for rapid, digital printing. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. SOA and their sister company MW R&D have just been issued a patent for their new Modern Warfare Camoâ„¢ technology. In fact, it’s just been featured on

According to SOA, “Modern Warfare Camoâ„¢ is both active and adaptive simultaneous multispectral camouflage.” US Army SF Veteran David Mullins, SOA’s team leader of subject matter experts said, “This is a truly significant patent that has been issued to MW R&D because it is a future-proofed solution we have now.” It’s a stealth camo technology that combines high-definition video imagery, a flexible thin-film display, multiple layers of sensor-blocking nanomaterials, and miniaturized thermoelectric array devices. Together, these countermeasures mimic the operating environment, producing multispectral simultaneous adaptive concealment.

SOFEX – Collaborate Directly With App Developers

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

Operators can interface directly with Special Operations Apps at SOFEX located 1 & 2 November at Ft Bragg to suggest new apps.

“SOA is attending SOFEX to allow SF Operators and SF leaders to let us know exactly which Apps they need — immediately,” said K. Dominic Cincotti,president and founder of Special Operations Apps. “No other company in existence produces Apps specifically with SF Operators in mind,” Cincotti said.

“The SOA Apps process works this way: Former Operators like David Mullins, an SF Operator on four continents throughout his career, translates needs into task orders for the SOA development team,” Cincotti said. “That team includes Dr. Craig Hunter — who has already won Best App honors in the Apple Store — and Samuel Thompson, who worked on NASA’s unmanned Mars exploration, before working on SOA concepts and solutions.

Among the SOA apps on display at SOFEX are CamoScience HD — the application that now integrates the high-definition video of the Apple iPhone 4S for camouflage on demand, executed direct to garment and for next-generation adaptive concealment, known as GEOINT Camouflage.

SOF Operators will then be able to purchase and use the Apps they suggest through the beginning in 2012.

CamoScience App Makes Custom Precision Camo Design a Reality

Tuesday, September 13th, 2011

Soldier Systems Daily unveils exclusive photo evidence.

We have mentioned Special Operations Apps and their CamoScience app in the past. CamoScience is an App for Smart Devices like the iPhone 4/5 and IPad 2.

Interestingly, SOA contacted us after reading the recent article published last week here on SSD concerning NECC’s (Naval Expeditionary Combat Command) lack of an issue combat uniform and a version of what appears to be unique Navy DIY Camo. They provided these pictures as photo-evidence of a new solution for the unique requirements of expeditionary units like the NECC and SOF.

As you can see, MW R&D and Special Operations Apps have moved past the proof of concept phase by showing these first public photos of CamoScience App Designs being printed digitally-direct to fabric and using MW R&D’s proprietary processes.

This is a custom camouflage design made real by combining elements from:
-Smart Device
-Reliable Intel (GEOINT)
-Digitally Printing Direct-To-Fabric
-Just-In-Time Custom Manufacturing

According to the company’s President, K. Dominic Cincotti, MW R&D and SOA are in talks now with leading Tactical and Hunting/Outdoor Companies to utilize this new proprietary process. Cincotti is the inventor of Photographic/Camera derived Camouflage.

“The truly great thing about using our process and this App is that it would allow for SOF to make their own CAMO designs”, Cincotti said.

“Operators could use the latest technology, without having to rely on ‘CAMO Artists’, with little knowledge of SOF operational or tactical concerns. The App even converts photos to MilSpec colors if that need exists.”

In 2007 Photo-Realâ„¢ and Photo-Stealthâ„¢ camo debuted. They were printed onto special adhesive vinyls and applied to SOF hardware and equipment. In 2009 a unique grip was added to these technologies and was applied to weapons.

Today, Soldier Systems Daily received these first photos of this new type of camo, produced using completely digital means on textiles. According to the company, a wide range of textiles and fabrics can now be utilized. The printer applies the pattern directly to your grey goods.

SOA in association with MW R&D are now in beta-testing with new Apps for release this winter.

Tac Apps – CamoScience Begets Special Operations Apps

Saturday, May 21st, 2011

The CamoScienceâ„¢ App from MW Research and Development, Inc has spurred the launch of a new company; Special Operations Apps. Their mandate is to “design and field applications specifically for warfighter mobile devices, touchscreens, laptops, and smartphones.” This includes Android and iOS.

“Special Operations Apps uses common platforms, like the Apple or Android systems, to integrate different hardware and equipment and centralize them into common, familiar, smart devices that the operators already know or own,” said K. Dominic Cincotti, who founded MW Research and Development, Inc and also serves president of Special Operations Apps.

“So we lighten the operator’s load and provide more real-time data, improved capabilities, and more effective targeting — taking full advantage of cutting-edge commercial devices without the need for budgeting and developing new and expensive devices and platforms that only serve one function,” he said. “We get more powerful devices at lower costs and without the need to re-invent the wheel.”

As an aside, Cincotti’s father is the late COL Joseph G. Cincotti (USA), the original ground-force commander of Blue Light. If you don’t know your history, do some research on Blue Light.

For the new company, Cathlena Spencer, who the led the commercial-application team for CamoScienceâ„¢ has been named Chief Technology Officer of Special Operations Apps. Mark Tocci, a former Ranger and patent-pending inventor, will serve as Vice President of Business Development. David Mullins, a former Special Forces operator, will lead in-house subject matter experts. I served with Dave and he is a great guy. In fact, his wife encouraged me to earn my degree when she worked at the Smoke Bomb Hill ed center.

Special Operations Apps is based in Wilmington, NC, strategically located between Fort Bragg and Camp Lejeune, and convenient to Virginia Beach, VA.

With both the Army and USASOC hell bent for leather to field Android devices to their troops maybe we can get Special Operations Apps to develop an Android app for us. If you need some work done, they have let us know that requests for new apps should contact them via 650-209-0762.