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STRATAGEM – New Helium Whisper Pouch Line

Sunday, March 2nd, 2014

G36 Doppelmagazintasche T1 5FB Ruecken HW-MGT-G36-2-T1-5FB

STRATAGEM has released a new line of pouches which integrates Blue Force Gear’s Helium Whisper technology into the following pouch types:

G36 Double Mag Pouch T1
G36 PMAG/M4 Double Mag Pouch
M4 Double Mag Pouch
Frag Grenade Pouch

Additional pouch types will be added to the line over the year.

Available in 5-color Flecktarn, MultiCam, and Coyote Brown. Made in Berlin, Germany.

Blue Force Gear Introduces CHAPSminus

Monday, April 1st, 2013

It’s amazing what you can do with that ULTRAcomp laminate and BFG’s Helium Whisper technology. I’m expecting these to be real popular in some circles.


CHAPSminus is the latest innovation of the MOLLEminus product line. CHAPSminus is the logical alternative to traditional cargo pants in hot environments. The open design keeps the wearer cooler and allows gentle breezes to pass directly through the CHAPSminus. CHAPSminus is fully MOLLE compatible – allowing the placement of magazine and utility pouches right where they are needed. No longer is organization limited to wherever pockets are sewn on to traditional cargo pants.

The MOLLEminus design provides the thinnest, strongest, lightest modular load carriage of individual combat equipment: half the thickness of a dime, over 4 times as abrasion resistant as air textured nylon and formed from a single piece of Blue Force Gear’s proprietary ULTRAcomp™ laminate. CHAPSminus is compatible with all legacy issue MOLLE pouches and for the ultimate lightweight thigh rig combine CHAPSminus with pouches featuring Blue Force Gear’s revolutionary Helium Whisper™ attachment system.

As with all Blue Force Gear, it is made with excellence in the USA and carries a limited lifetime warranty.

**Mags, pouches, and model not included**

Blue Force Gear Licenses Helium Whisper to STRATAGEM

Monday, March 11th, 2013


Blue Force Gear has licensed the Helium Whisper pouch attachment system to STRATAGEM which becomes the first international brand to integrate the technology into their product line.

“We at STRATAGEM are proud to be working with Blue Force Gear and use Helium Whisper as a component of our products,” said Markus Jahn, STRATAGEM’s CEO. “Helium Whisper allows us to grant our customers access to an outstanding technology, giving them the benefit of lighter and more efficient equipment by reducing the weight of our pouches dramatically. It enables us to raise the level of our pouches and to fulfill our aspiration of providing cutting edge products to today’s warfighter.”

“STRATAGEM is a top quality German company who services the elite with quality gear. We’re proud they’ve chosen Helium Whisper to help lighten the load of their customers,” said Doug Duggan, Blue Force Gear’s International Business Development Manager.

Helium Whisper allows modular pouch backs to be constructed from a single piece of high-performance laminate versus the multiple straps and snaps of outdated designs. This amazing breakthrough increases strength and durability of pouches while eliminating failure points and reducing weight by up to 60 percent. Helium Whisper licensing allows OEM customers to reduce sewing costs, minimize alignment errors, maintain or increase durability, and stay relevant to today’s weight-conscious military customers.

Blue Force Gear Introduces BELTminus

Monday, March 4th, 2013

One of the best hidden gems at SHOT Show was Blue Force Gear’s BELTminus. Based on their proven Helium Whisper technology it was sort of hidden in plain sight in the corner of their booth and unfortunately eclipsed by the unveiling of Blue Force Gear’s new signature pack collaboration with Chris Costa.


So what’s this BELTminus thing anyway? Well in a nutshell, it’s a modernized version of the old load carriage belt and suspender combo worn for centuries. Like I said, Blue Force Gear has revived this older style but updated it with their Helium Whisper technology making it lighter and stronger than previous models out there. Additionally, as the military begins to shift focus toward hot wet (ie jungle) environments, the fact that this material won’t soak up a bunch of water is pretty desirable. Naturally, the whole kit and caboodle is PALS compatible so you can configure as much or as little load as you need. Additionally, they are offering two mesh-lined shoulder strap versions; the enhanced padded model and the low profile, free breathing model.

“We’ve gone back to the basics with BELTminus.” said Ashley Burnsed, Blue Force Gear’s CEO. “The classic belt kit had a lot to offer the modern warrior but the concept needed updating. We applied our MOLLEminus technology to bring the belt kit into the 21st century, making it the lightest modular system available.”

The new BELTminus moves your load down on to your waist and is intended for applications where you won’t be wearing full armor carriers. In addition to jungle and maritime applications, this could also mean concealed use under an over garment.

This is a sized item because they don’t want you to have to carry around a bunch of excess material. Determine size by tape measuring your true waist size where the BELTminus will be worn over clothing with sizing ranging from XSmall – XLarge.

Available now in MultiCam with Urban Wolf Grey and Coyote coming soon.

Blue Force Gear Licenses Helium Whisper to Mayflower

Tuesday, February 19th, 2013

Blue Force Gear just announced that they have licensed the Helium Whisper technology to Mayflower Research and Consulting, LLC.


SAVANNAH, GA—February 19, 2012—Blue Force Gear® announced today that they will provide their weight-slashing Helium Whisper™ pouch attachment system to Mayflower Research & Consulting. Mayflower joins the growing number of adoptees for Blue Force Gear’s Patent pending Helium Whisper and this technology will enhance the products they currently provide to elite users. Mayflower anticipates full stock of their pouches with Helium Whisper backers in approximately 45 days.


“Mayflower Research & Consulting is proud to be working with Blue Force Gear moving forward with a great addition to our product lineup. Blue Force Gear has made a giant leap forward in removing weight off of the warfighter’s back and we see it as a natural compliment to our philosophy of building products for the military athlete,” said Travis Rolph, Mayflower’s CEO.

“Quiet professionals know Mayflower to be a forward-thinking company and we have the highest respect for Travis and his team,” said Ashley Burnsed, Blue Force Gear’s CEO. “We look forward to helping them improve the comfort, speed, and survivability of their customers with Helium Whisper.”


Helium Whisper allows modular pouch backs to be constructed from a single piece of high-performance laminate versus the multiple straps and snaps of outdated designs. This amazing breakthrough increases strength and durability of pouches while eliminating failure points and reducing weight by up to 60 percent. Helium Whisper licensing allows OEM customers to reduce sewing costs, minimize alignment errors, maintain or increase durability, and stay relevant to today’s weight-conscious military customers.

Mayflower Low-Vis Blow-Out Kit

Friday, February 1st, 2013

Mayflower Low-Vis Blow-Out Kit

Mayflower has combined two great technologies for their new Low-Vis Blow-Out Kit (LVBOK). This two-piece, ambidextrous Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK) is composed of a sleeve made from 4-way stretch fabric sewn to a base incorporating a Helium Whisper backer for attaching to PALS compatible equipment combined with a clamshell-style insert for your medical gear. The 4-way stretch sleeve makes it easier to store your medical gear yet deploy it quickly. You can mount the LVBOK anywhere on your kit including the belt making a great choice for small of the back wear. The insert is ambidextrous and can be deployed via pull handles with either hand.

Mayflower Low-Vis Blow-Out Kit Open

The Low-Vis Blow-Out Kit (LVBOK) is available in MultiCam, Coyote Brown, and Black. Made in the USA!

Blue Force Gear Helium Whisper Pouches Awarded NSNs

Monday, January 7th, 2013

Blue Force Gear has just announced that several of their Helium Whisper pouches have been issued National Stock Numbers. This is a watershed event as it signifies an official adoption of a next generation of load carrying systems by DoD that will begin to replace legacy MOLLE systems. It also means that aside from the adoption of Helium Whisper by USSOCOM elements, other organizations will be able to leverage this lightweight technology to improve their load carriage systems. This is some very big news.

Here is their press release:

Blue Force Gear announced today that seven of their Helium Whisper backed pouches received National Stock Numbers (NSNs). These Patent pending Helium Whisper pouches fulfill an immediate SOCOM Load Carriage System Contract and can be purchased by government customers with access to DLA.

“We’re excited that our lightweight pouches have been chosen to receive NSNs,” said Ashley Burnsed, Blue Force Gear’s CEO. “Our goal is to improve the soldier’s safety and survivability. Having NSNs on these pouches makes it easier for units to procure the lightweight equipment they need to get their jobs done.”

The pouches that received NSNs utilize Blue Force Gear’s Patent pending Helium Whisper technology which reduces weight by up to 60 percent over the pouches previously carried by troops. The U.S. military has identified weight reduction of individual combat equipment as a top priority due to the tremendous impact that loads have on combat survivability and long term orthopedic health. Helium Whisper is combat proven with elite personnel and is available now as a solution for customers seeking better performance.

NSNs for Blue Force Gear Helium Whisper Pouches:

NSN: 8465-01-612-3165

NSN: 8465-01-612-3184

NSN: 8465-01-612-3188

NSN: 8465-01-612-3195

NSN: 8465-01-612-3191

NSN: 8465-01-612-3179

NSN: 8465-01-612-3168

Tactical Tailor Licenses Blue Force Gear’s Helium Whisper

Monday, December 17th, 2012

Blue Force Gear has just announced they have licensed their Helium Whisper technology to Tactical Tailor. Helium Whisper technology is a single piece modular backer made of a high performance laminate called ULTRAcomp that can be integrated into virtually any load carrying pouch during manufacturing.

“Providing exactly what the customer requires is our goal, incorporating this technology into our product allows us to do it very easily, that’s exciting,” said GW Ayers, Tactical Tailor’s Director of Sales. “Helium Whisper will support our efforts to fulfill an immediate SOF LCS Contract requirement.”

Tactical Tailor is the second company to license this lightweight technology after Velocity Systems announced in July it had licensed Helium Whisper which resulted in significant weight and manufacturing savings.

“We are excited to have engineered a system that other respected load carriage companies are choosing to utilize,” said Ashley Burnsed, Blue Force Gear’s CEO. “At the end of the day, we are all working towards the same goal – to improve the soldier’s safety and survivability.”

Blue Force Gear provides the backers directly to the licensee and they develop the best way to integrate them into their pouch designs. They can reduce weight up to 60% over traditional MOLLE attachment systems.

UPDATE – Tactical Tailor MALICE clip fans fear not. They aren’t going to stop using them or manufacturing them.