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Blue Force Gear Licenses Helium Whisper to Mayflower

Blue Force Gear just announced that they have licensed the Helium Whisper technology to Mayflower Research and Consulting, LLC.


SAVANNAH, GA—February 19, 2012—Blue Force Gear® announced today that they will provide their weight-slashing Helium Whisper™ pouch attachment system to Mayflower Research & Consulting. Mayflower joins the growing number of adoptees for Blue Force Gear’s Patent pending Helium Whisper and this technology will enhance the products they currently provide to elite users. Mayflower anticipates full stock of their pouches with Helium Whisper backers in approximately 45 days.


“Mayflower Research & Consulting is proud to be working with Blue Force Gear moving forward with a great addition to our product lineup. Blue Force Gear has made a giant leap forward in removing weight off of the warfighter’s back and we see it as a natural compliment to our philosophy of building products for the military athlete,” said Travis Rolph, Mayflower’s CEO.

“Quiet professionals know Mayflower to be a forward-thinking company and we have the highest respect for Travis and his team,” said Ashley Burnsed, Blue Force Gear’s CEO. “We look forward to helping them improve the comfort, speed, and survivability of their customers with Helium Whisper.”


Helium Whisper allows modular pouch backs to be constructed from a single piece of high-performance laminate versus the multiple straps and snaps of outdated designs. This amazing breakthrough increases strength and durability of pouches while eliminating failure points and reducing weight by up to 60 percent. Helium Whisper licensing allows OEM customers to reduce sewing costs, minimize alignment errors, maintain or increase durability, and stay relevant to today’s weight-conscious military customers.

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4 Responses to “Blue Force Gear Licenses Helium Whisper to Mayflower”

  1. mike says:

    Mayflower never ceases to amaze me. How one company can always be doing something new never ceases to amaze me, even after meeting people involved in the design process. They never seem to run out of steam! Great company, great people!

    • steve says:

      Stop praising your own company Mike. I see you walking the floor in Sterling….

      • mike says:

        Actually Steve I work in Virginia Beach for a company that sells Mayflower/Velocity products. I would love to work for them, but I don’t think you could get me to move to NOVA at gunpoint.

  2. Andrew says:

    Well I already wanted that IFAK, but now I think I need it…