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Blue Force Gear Introduces SPLITminus Chest Rig

Wednesday, November 28th, 2012


Lots of folks were very interested in Blue Force Gear’s RACKminus minimalist chest rig but wanted the convenience of a split front setup. BFG listened and has just announced the SPLITminus entry to their MOLLEminus line which is the perfect complement for their highly popular Helium Whisper pouch technology. The panels are cut from a single sheet of ULTRAcomp material rather than layers of separately cut nylon. This makes for a lighter overall construction.


SPLITminus integrates two side-release buckles into the design to facilitate donning and doffing yet still weighs in at 250 grams which is 5 grams lighter than the RACKminus. This is due to the strip of load carrying real estate removed up front to accommodate the buckles meaning each side has MOLLE fields of 6 columns by 3 rows. Currently in MultiCam only.


Blue Force Gear Licenses Helium Whisper Technology to Velocity Systems

Monday, July 2nd, 2012

Remember we recently told you that something exciting was coming from Blue Force Gear and Velocity Systems? Well, here it is. This is a major announcement with VS being the first company to license Helium Whisper. It was just a year ago that we broke the story on this new lightweight load carrying technology.

Blue Force Gear announced today that they will provide their weight-slashing Helium Whisper technology to Velocity Systems. Velocity is the first company to license Blue Force Gear’s patent pending Helium Whisper and this technology will enhance the products they currently provide to elite users.


“Helium Whisper ushers in a new category of MOLLE by eliminating the weight penalty of modular military load carriage,” said Ashley Burnsed, Blue Force Gear’s CEO. “It creates the kind of weight savings our troops need to improve their performance and survivability. Velocity Systems shares our passion for delivering revolutionary products to the finest customers on the planet and their experience and integrity made them the perfect first choice for licensing our lifesaving technology.”

“We are excited about this teaming,” said David Strum, President of Velocity Systems, “Helium Whisper is an incredible advancement in design and material use and we are ecstatic to be a part of it. This technology will provide tangible benefits to our customers and keep our pouches on the cutting edge of performance. It is always great to work with like-minded people who care about what they do and who they are doing it for and Ashley Burnsed and his team at BFG are “top shelf” people making this teaming an absolute must.”

Helium Whisper allows modular pouch backs to be constructed from a single piece of high-performance laminate versus the multiple straps and snaps of outdated designs. This amazing breakthrough increases strength and durability of pouches while eliminating failure points and reducing weight by up to 60 percent. Helium Whisper licensing allows OEM customers to reduce sewing costs, minimize alignment errors, maintain or increase durability, and stay relevant to today’s weight-conscious military customers.

Helium WhisperADS Tactical

Tuesday, May 1st, 2012

In case you’ve been living under a rock (or reading some other, less informative website) for the last year, I’ll tell you about Blue Force Gear’s Helium Whisper. It’s a combination of a single piece back panel and an ultra-light, extremely durable high performance laminate. Not only is the actual material lighter (and stronger) than current issue kit, but combined with the single piece construction there is less fabric, drastically reducing the weight of your gear. In fact, Helium Whisper weighs in at almost half that of traditional MOLLE. Additionally, Helium Whisper attachment straps are built into the pouch rather than sewn on, eliminating the possibility of stitching failure. Not only that, but they’ve also eliminated those pesky snaps that seem to pull through at the worst possible moment.

Helium Whisper

The entire line of Blue Force Gear products, including the revolutionary Helium Whisper are available for unit and agency order through www.ADSinc.com.

Austere Provisions Helium Whisper BooBoo Pouch

Monday, March 19th, 2012

This model of the BFG Helium Whisper BooBoo Pouch is exclusive to Austere Provisions Company. The Helium Whisper model is slightly larger than the standard model. This model is avalable in Coyote, Multicam, and Black and features a color matched loop patch so you can affix blood types, allergy warnings or just a simple red cross.


One Shot Tactical Talks Blue Force Gear

Friday, March 2nd, 2012

Here, Darren Cole from One Shot Tactical talks about Blue Force Gear. Darren is the exclusive Blue Force Gear distributor for Canada. It’s obvious from the video how much he believes in the BFG product line.

More information about One Shot Tactical can be found here: www.oneshottactical.com

BFG Helium Whisper Dump Pouch Deployed

Sunday, January 29th, 2012

We mentioned the Helium Whisper technology and new Blue Force Gear dump pouch. Tactical Fanboy has a video of Blue Force Brittney talking about that little spent mag pouch if you want to go check it out.


2012 – The Year of Materials

Monday, January 9th, 2012

We’ve already seen a prediction that 2012 will be the year of camouflage, and to a degree with this is true. Lots of patterns will be unveiled pursuant the US Army Camouflage Improvement Effort but with their program slipping further and further behind schedule the home run, winner-take-all announcement doesn’t look good for this year.

Instead, I’d like to propose that materials will be king this year. Whether they are completely new or just new ways of using existing ones, materials will have a major impact on our industry in 2012 and beyond.
We’ve already seen materials making a toe-hold. Consider Tyr Tactical’s PV material or Blue Force Gear’s Helium Whisper and you can see that there is a gradual shift in basic materials application. Then, there is whole revolution in digital printing that is allowing companies like GHOSTEX and Special Operations Apps to rapidly develop and produce new, tailored camouflage patterns as well as clothing and equipment in those patterns. The day when a client can identify an operational area and the radios, weapons and other equipment to be used and have clothing and individual equipment tailored in form and function within weeks rather than months is here. The scale is still limited but the capability exists.

Changes unveiled this year will shake some trees and leave a lasting impact how we do business. Even more importantly, these developments will inspire further changes in the out years as a new generation of developers begins to search outside the box for inspiration.

Look for a few of these new applications over the next few weeks and you’ll see what we mean.

AUSA – Blue Force Gear

Tuesday, October 11th, 2011

Not only does Blue Force Gear literally have the coolest mannequin at AUSA but they also have the lightest pouches. Their Helium Whisper technology integrates a laser cut laminate. But that’s just half of the story. The real secret is their Tactical Origami that allows them to lay a 3-dimensional pouch flat for cutting. Once it’s assembled, there are far fewer parts meaning less weight and bulk.


On display was their full suite of Helium Whisper pouches including the GP pouches. Here you can see how low profile a GP pouch fits on a cummerbund side plate pocket. This pouch features ITW’s new Zipline zipper pulls. This model of Zipline can support 50lbs but additional models are coming.


In order to further reduce weight they have developed a new laminate in order to offer a Cordura face.


Finally, this gives you a good comparison of BFG’s Helium Whisper technology compared to the legacy PALS attachment.


BFG is prepared to support agency and unit orders now. The Helium Whisper line will be available for individual purchase beginning in January, 2012.