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TYR Tactical CQB3A Shield System

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2021

TYR Tactical® Hard Armor products give you a full range of options for any threat and any mission. We offer the most complete ballistic shield line in our industry.

Our Level IIIA, Level III, and Level IV shields are the lightest weight in their respective categories. When it comes to our customers safety, we spare no expense. From our 42,000 square foot hard armor facility and ballistic testing ranges, to our next generation ballistic presses. We protect you from tomorrow’s threats.

At TYR Tactical® we live by one motto.

Innovate or Die®

Level 3A Rapid Response Ballistic Shield with Viewport & Shield Light


Learn more about these products:

TYR Tactical® 18” x 32” CQB Level 3A Rapid Response Ballistic Shield (Viewport)

Product Code: TYR-RBS/CQB3A-VP

TYR Tactical® Shield Light


TYR Tactical Tuesday – Ballistic Shield System

Tuesday, October 16th, 2018


Last week we gave you a sneak peek of TYR Tactical’s Ballistic Shield System. It’s now time to provide some details.

For the past year or so, TYR has been at work developing hard armor ballistic plates as well as a dolly system. In all, there are four new products.

TYR Tactical® 18”x33” Rapid Response CQB Ballistic Shield


Features & Specifications:
-Weight: 14.9 lbs.
-NIJ 0108.01 Level 3 Compliant – 7.62 x 51 mm, 149 gr, FMJ NATO Ball (M80 Ball)
-Forearm Pad
-Carry Bag
-Fixed Handle
-Special Threats: 7.62 x 39 MSC 123 gr

TYR Tactical® 24”x36” Rapid Response Ballistic Shield


Features & Specifications:
-Weight: 20.8 lbs.
-NIJ 0108.01 Level 3 Compliant – 7.62 x 51 mm, 149 gr, FMJ NATO Ball (M80 Ball)
-Forearm Pad
-Carry Bag
-Fixed Handle
-Special Threats: 7.62 x 39 MSC 123 gr

Patent Pending TYR Tactical® Multi-hit Level 4 Shield Applique



Features & Specifications:
-Weight: 21 lbs.
-Thickness: .425”
-NIJ 0108.01 tested to Level 4 threats 7.62 x 63 166 gr (APM2)
-Special Threat Testing:
• 7.62 x 39 API
• 7.62 x 63 AP M2
• 7.62 x 54R B32

Patent Pending TYR Tactical® Ballistic Shield Dolly

This system provides both load carriage and unmatched ballistic protection. The center armor panel covers the ballistic gap on both sides of the Dolly. Bolt holes on the armor panel are offset from the ballistic gap to reduce the possibility of penetration.



Features & Specifications:
-Constructed out of high-strength, lightweight aluminum
-Telescoping frame to accommodate up to two shields
-Removable rear wheel
-Two wheel configuration allows for 360° movement.
-Dolly is self-supported in the two wheel configuration by resting on the lower shield
Center armor panel reinforces the connection area where the upper and lower shields meet.
-Telescoping, pull pin, shield handle bracket for multiple shield sizes
-Two rubberized dolly handles
-Padded shield rest
-Three removable heavy duty wheels
-Matte black powder coat finish
-Two Wheel Configuration Wt. 28.7 lbs.
-Three Wheel Configuration Wt. 37 lbs.


Click to view .pdf

For full details, visit

TYR Tactical Tuesday – Huron Collapsible Direct Action Assaulters Pack – MV

Tuesday, September 25th, 2018


The Huron™ Collapsible Direct Action Assaulters Pack – MV (HRN-DAAP-MV) attaches to all TYR Tactical® Plate Carriers with 11” back panel zippers. This attachment system allows for a quick disconnect and reconnect of the pack to your carrier. The DAAP-MV may also be utilized as a Stand-Alone Pack with its two low profile shoulder straps. The shoulder straps can be removed or remain on the pack when attached to the carrier, this allows the user to remove the pack from their carrier and then quickly don the pack again via the shoulder carry straps. The DAAP-MV can carry hydration, a 117-G Radio and/or other equipment for various mission sets. It also features a zippered expandable main compartment that has two antenna/cable routing ports, an internal hydration pocket with top hydration port, two external general purpose pockets and a removable beavertail for storing a helmet or transitional garments.


The DAAP-MV can also be attached to other plate carrier brands by purchasing the TYR Tactical® 11″ Zipper Adapters (SOLD SEPARATELY).  The TYR-AZPR001 MOLLE to the back of any plate carrier or vest that has 1 column/6 rows of MOLLE webbing.

Wt: 1.55 lbs.
Dim: 13.25” H x 9.25” W x 3” or 5”D
Cubic Liters: 8.86L – 12.88L (Collapsible Main Compartment & Two GP Pockets)

Design Features:
• 500d Cordura®
• Collapsible Main Compartment from 5” to 3”
• Top Loading
• Carry Handle
• Qty.1 Tapered GP Pocket 4.75”H x 7.50”W x 2”D
• Qty.1 Padded Bottom GP Pocket 6”H 8.50”W x 2”D
• Removable Poly Mesh Beavertail
• Attaches to all TYR Tactical® Plate Carriers with 11” back panel zippers
• Removable Yoke/Shoulder Straps
• Hydration Pocket

Warrior East 18 – TYR Tactical EPIC Armor Vest In Grey

Wednesday, July 11th, 2018

TYR Tactical recently produced a run of their EPIC Armor Vests for the Phoenix PD’s SAU.

This goes to show that Grey, which has become quite popular in Europe and Canada for LE clothing and equipment, has begun to gain a foothold here in the US.

TYR Tactical Tuesday – ADS Warrior Expo East

Tuesday, July 10th, 2018

The TYR Tactical® Innovate or Die® Tour & Mobile Showroom is proud to announce its participation in the ADS, Inc. Warrior® Expo East. Get hands-on with the latest TYR Tactical®, Huron™ and Revere K9™ designs. Following our mantra, Innovate or Die®, these products continue our mission of pushing the standards of today’s tactical equipment, defining modularity and scalability and are custom made for you, The Next Generation Warrior®.

Show Details:

ADS, Inc. Warrior® Expo East

Booth# 636

Where: Virginia Beach Convention Center

When: Wednesday, July 11th from 1000 – 1630

Thursday, July 12th from 0930 – 1530

—> Learn how TYR Tactical® integrates DuPont™ Kevlar® Brand into not only soft armor but almost every piece of tactical nylon kit.

—> Pick up a FREE Innovate or Die® Tour T-Shirt

—> Speak one-on-one with our Team Specialist

What is the TYR Tactical® Innovate or Die® Tour & Mobile Showroom?

We understand that to create Mission-Adaptable Gear, one has to spend a tremendous amount of time and resources on R&D – making sure that the feel, comfort and ergonomics of our products are right for our customers. To better serve this mission we have created the TYR Tactical® Mobile Showroom. This completely custom 44’ trailer was designed to travel across the country so we can better show our complete breadth of products. For the first time customers will have a hands-on experiences with TYR Tactical® Pouches, Body Armor, Belts, Revere K9™ Products and Huron™ Clothing & Packs. They will also get a chance to view products before their release and provide feedback on existing products.

Want to speak with a sales rep or schedule a meeting? Email us at or call 623-240-1400.

TacJobs – TYR Tactical Seeks Arizona-Based Veterans

Monday, July 2nd, 2018

VETERANS WANTED! Immediate openings at our Peoria, Arizona Facility.

Summary of Position:

The Production Armor Worker is responsible for a variety of different tasks in the production of soft and hard armor goods.

SOFIC 18 – Rajuga Camouflage System by TYR Tactical

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2018

TYR Tactical has partnered with Israeli company Polaris Solutions to introduce the Rajuga concealment system to the US market.

Underneath this 3D, multispectral concealment net is a Polaris quad. The system is reversible, with different visual camoufiage patterns printed on either side of the Thermal Visual Concealment panel. The material also provides protection in the IR spectrum. Additionally, the TVC material offers sun, rain and wind protection and is bery lightweight at .7kg per sq m. It folds or rolls flat for transport and can be individually configured to mimic local terrain, offering a very effective 3D effect which sensors or observors can be concealed under.

It’s available in multiple configurations, including this sensor concealment.

Rajuga concealment systems are available to unit and agency customers from ADS Inc.

TYR Tactical Tuesday – Patented Female Shaped Body Armor

Tuesday, May 15th, 2018

TYR Tactical® began designing the Patented Female Shaped body armor system in 2014 in direct response to the US Army’s Soldier Protection System solicitation.


Knowing that existing male or unisex systems do not allow female users to properly perform basic tasks and still maintain comfort, TYR Tactical® conducted Biomechanical and Female Athletic Performance Studies.  TYR Tactical’s findings provided the framework for its ergonomically shaped ballistics and carriers that conform specifically to the female anatomy.  The shape and structure of its Female Body Armor System allows females to perform their duties comfortably and enhance their capabilities without jeopardizing their protection.


US Patent No. 9,970,736, Patent Pending in Australia, Europe and Canada

Two lateral darts on the tactical outer carrier contour around the female’s natural shape while still providing a full range of motion, support and eliminates excess compression on the breast tissue.

Learn More: