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Project Helium Whisper Pics

Here are a few pics from Blue Force Gear’s new Helium Whisper technology.

The advantages are numerous. The process offers lower weight and increased abrasion resistance. Additionally, as it is laser cut from a single piece, there are fewer assembly errors and any markings are etched directly onto the material. Additionally, any product information including part number, title and manufacturer can also be applied prior to assembly. Finally, manufacturing costs are lower due to the reduced number of processes required for assembly. However, it is important to note that the entire pouch is not made from the material, but rather, certain areas are targeted based on individual designs.

Here you can see a comparison between BFG’s standard 10-Speed pouch construction and the new Helium Whisper.

Helium Whisper technology accounts for a 25% weight reduction over BFG’s pouches. For more conventional designs the savings could be as much as 40 – 50%.



9 Responses to “Project Helium Whisper Pics”

  1. Dave says:

    Reminds of what TYR has been doing for a while to reduce weight.

  2. Old Paratrooper says:

    That isn’t anything like what Tyr has done. This looks like some kind of rubberized fabric. Tyr uses a laminate.

  3. Marmatt says:

    Hypalon? Urethane impregnated fabric? Similar looking fabrics have been used in the outdoor industry for years, often in the bottoms of backpacks, to line crampon pouches, etc. Fantastic abrasion resistance, and inherently non permeable. Does it have a woven substrate/base?

  4. GGG says:

    Looks to be a lightweight vinyl or hypalon. This is nothing new and only little innovative. Bravo Zulu to them for thinking outside of the box though. I am interested in seeing where this goes, as their costs may go up, in time, due to their fabric yields and the waste created when cutting being higher. SDS tried something similar a number of years ago and London Bridge has done something similar recently, as well.

  5. straps says:

    Spec Ops Brand also uses a similar approach with die-cut vinylized canvas that economizes on production but I KNOW doesn’t save weight because I use the same stuff for my pool table cover. Also adds bulk.

    Yup, looks like hypalon. Looks like a 500D GP pouch is pending introduction. Last one I ever buy, honey, I promise. Also appears to have been some design refinements on the 10 Speed mag pouches.

    Thanks for the peek.

  6. Administrator says:

    Berry compliant hypalon is no longer in production. This product is made in USA. I asked BFG about fabric yields and they are pleased. Additionally, these smaller designs tend to be boxy so there isn’t a lot of waste here.

    Granted, I’ve seen similar MOLLE fields before, but not the straps as well.

  7. Alan says:

    I have several 5×5″ Blackwater GP zip pouches that look to have the same ‘fabric’ on the back. I wasnt real pleased with the hold-there is nothing stiffened,or hard to give the pouch any kind of structure,and as a result, I rarely ever used the damn things. I am all for weight reduction,but at some point,people have to realize loads are not going to carry themselves,and a weight savings of .002 is just not worth the trade off in the long run. 98 Lbs still feels like 100Lbs,you know?

    Maybe this is different. Everything I have from BFG is excellent,so I will give this half a chance too.

  8. straps says:

    @Alan I am familiar with the BW stuff. Part of the issue with it was an economized design, part was economized production. I had one of their pouches tear itself apart as I was mounting it to my kit. The company that produced the BW stuff is scarcely better with its core LE orientation; during my time on the street they were the choice of uninformed rookies and folks in severly underfunded agencies.

    I’m excited to see what BFG can do with this. I trust their slings and their TK-NOW with my life and livelihood.

    @Admin I knew–KNEW I’d step on it by using the word “Hypalon” LOL.

  9. Administrator says:

    How about hypalon-esque?