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Corps Strength – The Health of a Nation

A few days ago a report released by two public health groups showed that 16 states had a marked increase in adult obesity over the past year. US Surgeon General Dr David Satcher stated this epidemic is a serious problem for the future health of our nation. Why is this happening? Why are Americans becoming more and more overweight and with that more sickly, as the rates of diabetes and heath disease are also on the rise? This remains the case, despite diet and exercise advice being more readily available than ever before. In my opinion, the reason for this “growing” problem is a combination of poor eating habits, less over all physical activity, and common everyday items like computers, and cable TV making our life more sedentary. Simply put, people just do less and eat more. In my book, “Corps Strength” I outline an effective proven method to obtain not only a high level of physical fitness, but a practical way to help you from becoming another overweight statistic. Common sense, effort, and long term planning are the keys to managing your body weight, and you don’t have to exercise 24/7 or starve yourself. No fads, weird diets or before and after picture nonsense, just results. The United States of America has always been a nation of tough, healthy, hearty people. They had to be, not only to win our wars, but to persevere in the peacetime efforts of building and expanding our country. No nation in history has ever prospered when its people were sick and unhealthy. Despite all the advantages of a high tech society, the strength of our nation will always be rooted in the physical vitality of our people and that begins and ends with each individual taking charge of his/her own health. It’s not that hard, just lean into it and you’ll get there. I guarantee it.

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