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FirstSpear Launches

In the early hours this morning, like a predawn raid, FirstSpear launched their website. Make sure you check out their new line of products.

Why FirstSpear? We’ve been waiting for months here at SSD to be able to finally tell you.

The Primus Pilus, or First Spear, was the Senior Centurion of a Roman Legion.

“Centurions were the guardians of Rome. At the height of the Roman Republic there were over five thousand qualified Roman Centurions in the Legions. To be a Centurion required that, in a mostly illiterate society, one be able to read and write clearly, to be able to convey and create orders, to be capable of not only performing every skill of a Roman soldier but to teach every skill of a Roman soldier. Becoming a Centurion required intense physical ability, courage beyond the norm, years of sacrifice and a total devotion to the philosophy which was Rome.

When Rome fell to barbarian invaders, there were fewer than five hundred qualified Centurions. Not because Rome had fewer people but because it had fewer people willing to make sacrifices.

And the last Centurions left their shields in the heather and took a barbarian bride…..”


6 Responses to “FirstSpear Launches”

  1. Lasse says:

    I guess I was expecting more.. Their line is basically Eagle Industries with a few minor adjustments and some new products, but they seem to love the ITW G hooks for sure. I guess that MRC and Tyr have made me picky about “new stuff”…

    As for the clothing on their site, that is the Norwegian company NFMs ( “GARM” collection. I wonder if FS will have it made in the US or if it will be OEM made for FS in Poland where NFMs factory is located.

  2. Ex-11A says:

    Too bad they named their company after a mistranslation. Centurio primus pilus equals first file centurion, which is consistent with how the Romans organized the ranks of centurions. “The Primus Pilus was so called because his own century was in the first file (pilus) of the first cohort (primus).” Wikipedia. “First spear” is primus pilum, or so most books state.

  3. Doc says:

    Yea have to say stuff looks nice but they need more selection but while they develop I’m going to keep an eye on them.

  4. Administrator says:

    Well thank goodness they called themselves First Spear and not some Latin name.

    Doc, it is a lot of work to launch this many products right out of the gate. Then compound this by 4-5 colors. Companies that have hundreds and thousands of SKUs rarely have them in stock.

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