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Not only does Blue Force Gear literally have the coolest mannequin at AUSA but they also have the lightest pouches. Their Helium Whisper technology integrates a laser cut laminate. But that’s just half of the story. The real secret is their Tactical Origami that allows them to lay a 3-dimensional pouch flat for cutting. Once it’s assembled, there are far fewer parts meaning less weight and bulk.


On display was their full suite of Helium Whisper pouches including the GP pouches. Here you can see how low profile a GP pouch fits on a cummerbund side plate pocket. This pouch features ITW’s new Zipline zipper pulls. This model of Zipline can support 50lbs but additional models are coming.


In order to further reduce weight they have developed a new laminate in order to offer a Cordura face.


Finally, this gives you a good comparison of BFG’s Helium Whisper technology compared to the legacy PALS attachment.


BFG is prepared to support agency and unit orders now. The Helium Whisper line will be available for individual purchase beginning in January, 2012.

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3 Responses to “AUSA – Blue Force Gear”

  1. Res says:

    PNVGs? Panoramic-NVGs / Quad-Eyes? that’s a lot of money on that booth.

  2. MarkM says:

    I just bought a Fieldline hunting pack from Walmart, and it has similar zipper pulls on it. I was a bit dissappointed because loop pulls can and will hang up in dense brush – opening the zipper and allowing the contents to spill out. I’ve always interlaced them or undone the knots to prevent it. With molded poly on these to keep their shape, oh well. I can try them and see.

    In outdoor circles they’re known as “death loops” because they hang up in brush. Don’t be surprised to see guys cut these off and string gutted paracord thru the zipper eye, leaving the ends unsecure as tabs. That’s the “tier one” standard in severe use gear, and makes me suspect that the actual contracted maker is the one driving the design team.

    • Administrator says:

      You do realize that 550 has a higher breaking strength than these right? If you are going to get caught up on brush by your zipper pulls then you are having a bad day, a really bad day. By replacing your pulls with 550, you’re only making it worse.