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Blue Force Gear Introduces SPLITminus Chest Rig

Wednesday, November 28th, 2012


Lots of folks were very interested in Blue Force Gear’s RACKminus minimalist chest rig but wanted the convenience of a split front setup. BFG listened and has just announced the SPLITminus entry to their MOLLEminus line which is the perfect complement for their highly popular Helium Whisper pouch technology. The panels are cut from a single sheet of ULTRAcomp material rather than layers of separately cut nylon. This makes for a lighter overall construction.


SPLITminus integrates two side-release buckles into the design to facilitate donning and doffing yet still weighs in at 250 grams which is 5 grams lighter than the RACKminus. This is due to the strip of load carrying real estate removed up front to accommodate the buckles meaning each side has MOLLE fields of 6 columns by 3 rows. Currently in MultiCam only.

BFG RACKminus in Stock at OP Tactical

Wednesday, August 15th, 2012

Made from hydrophobic ULTRAcomp, the RACKminus from Blue Force Gear weighs just half a pound. Naturally, this MOLLE compatible chest rig has been sold out since it was released last month. But, at least for now, OP Tactical has it in stock.


Get it while supplies last