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Tactical NAV 2.5 Just Released

Rev 2.5 of the popular Tactical NAV app was recently released with increased GPS accuracy as well as the ability to turn the crosshairs off. Once iOS 5 hits, there will be another minor update.

Additionally, the brains behind the app, Army CPT Jonathan Springer informed us that he has begun to work on an Android version of the software which will include all of the functionality of the iOS app. Development will take 60-90 days due to the complexity of the code. This is huge news considering that the Army is investigating the Android platform as their answer to the Nett Warrior program. Unfortunately, the Army won’t help support the development so CPT Springer is having to fund the project out of pocket.

Regardless, both apps will be able to work together seamlessly to share waypoint as well as other data.

To get the iOS app visit iTunes.

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3 Responses to “Tactical NAV 2.5 Just Released”

  1. CPT Springer says:

    Just wanted to personally say thank you for helping promote the app — it truly helps and means a lot.

    Like I’ve told the media and those in my command, I couldn’t care less about dollar signs or profits with this app — that’s not why I’m continuing to do this. I want to break through the Army’s bureaucracy and give our warfighters a tool that potentially could save their lives, and that’s really the bottom line.

    Again, thanks for the support, and God bless!


  2. nico says:

    a version for the ipad must be great to

  3. CPT Springer says:


    An iPad optimized version will come here shortly, but my first priority of work is getting the Droid version out. An Android version is the most frequent request I get from soldiers, and as a leader and the guy in charge of this project, I have to give them what they want.