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Army Combat Pant Prototype

This is Propper International’s version of the Army Combat Pant. It is made from 3 different TenCate FR fabrics including a heavier duty seat reinforcement as well as the stretch panels around the knees and above the seat. One distinct difference we know that the Propper version has from Crye’s offering is a zippered fly rather buttons. Additionally, the button at closure at the top is located on the front flap rather than the rear and buttons into a fully enclosed hole.

Here you can see the reinforced rear.

The Propper pant utilizes Cry’s proprietary kneepad design.

The kneepad is removable and and the pant features an internal flap that plugs the hole from the inside when the kneepad is not worn.

The pant leg incorporates several cloth adjustable take up tabs.

The height of the kneepad is also adjustable via an internal shockcord that is held in place via a barrel lock contained in the external upperthigh pockets.

Here you can see the low profile take up tabs on the sides of the nonpadded waist band.

Word is that Crye Precision, Massif and Propper International will face off for the final contract for the Army Combat Pant.

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14 Responses to “Army Combat Pant Prototype”

  1. Buckaroomedic says:

    Looks nice, but very expensive. Why are there still back pockets on “combat” pants?

  2. Anon says:

    Three things:
    1) Enough with the velcro. They make a stupid noise and the hook part is too stiff. Shirts are especially a pain to wear with velcro all over the place.
    2) Those bulky knee pad inserts are killers. They keep swinging all around when you run.
    3) Too many pockets. 6 pocket designs have been good enough so far.

    Please stop wasting fabric with these useless features. It’s just mall ninja.

  3. Dan says:


    Have you worn these?

  4. Jack says:

    Crye’s kneepads are many things, but not bulky. And they don’t swing when correctly set up…

  5. FormerSFMedic says:

    They look good. From what I’ve seen, the designs from all the manufacturers look the same and have the same features. Quality will be the key to winning the contract (and price). Those that don’t like Velcro are just going to have to live with it. Try working a button with gloves on in the winter with frozen paws 10,000 feet above. Velcro is much more user friendly. Stop worrying about the sound. We aren’t in Vietnam anymore.

    I’m not sure what the issue is with back pockets. I don’t know what I would do without them. I wore my wallet in my back pocket everyday in combat. The knee pads are an outstanding touch as well. I agree with Jack. When setup properly, you won’t even know they’re there until you have to lay down your knees on Afghanistan’s rocky terrain. Besides, you have the option of jot wearing them.

  6. Kyle says:

    I am just going through ROTC but I think that the Knee Pads if you can set them up right and don’t swing will be great. Even in cold but above freezing temperatures I cant use the damned buttons on the back pocket, it may be just me though.

  7. Jack says:

    I’m not the other Jack who posted above, I’m a whole different Jack, plus my name is cooler.

    I’m not a Velcro fan either. It quickly wears out and becomes useless. I’ve got ACUs that are only a couple of years old and the Velcro won’t close anymore. Until it wears out, it’s noisy, and even though we “aren’t in Vietnam anymore”, sound discipline is always a tactical consideration. Buttons might be a bit tougher to use with gloves, but they aren’t *that* hard to manipulate, they are easily replaced with a needle and thread if lost (I never lost a button off my BDUs) and they don’t make noise. I don’t consider Velcro an improvement.

  8. RJ says:

    Anyone know why the are going with Foliage stretch? Everytime I say that word in relation to color, or see it, or the color I want to vomit. When will we give up the ghost and admit that UCP is not for us?

    Also, why the generic cargo pockets? Do they have the internal elastic?

  9. JM says:

    The integrated/fitted knee pads are a step in the right direction. Thumbs up!

  10. Administrator says:


    FG is the color that goes with UCP. As long as UCP remains the Army’s primary pattern, samples will have to be made in it.


  11. RJ says:

    Fair enough. I just remember seeing tan stretch on a pair of Crye made pants a few years back when I was at BMC. The instructors said they were given them to test so I guess Crye probably just used what they had since they don’t normally do UCP. Color obviously doesn’t matter there, I am just a curious fella.

  12. Daggert says:

    I have an earlier revision in MC. Integrated knee pads are loads more comfortable even the best designs that use straps. Integrated ones will not constrict you circulation and won’t slide down your leg. Crye’s design is very lightweight and thin but still rugged, they only look bulky because they are shaped somewhat anatomically to your knee.. As long as the pants are the right size the knee pad will end up where it is supposed to.

    I also like the stretch in the waist and knee; it makes a small but noticable difference squatting down or running.

    I would rather have too many pocket/options than not enough. I did not find the velcro to be overdone, I guess if I really wanted a strategically placed button or two would do the trick, one for normal and one for wearing baselayers underneath.

  13. Ssg. Moped says:

    “I’m not a Velcro fan either. It quickly wears out and becomes useless. I’ve got ACUs that are only a couple of years old and the Velcro won’t close anymore”

    Sounds like a supply problem to me, yes the heavy duty hook theyve been using tears the crap outa the pyle side, but the ACUs designed wear life is only 6 months, the same as BDUs. Plus these are COMBAT PANTS. The most that one pair will ever be used in one sitting is 12- 15 months. Even then youd more than likely get a plus up atleast once if not twice while deployed with them.

    As for noise discipline anyone can hear US Soldier, weighted down with TA50 trucking along the boonies, coming from a mile away. SF guys have been using velcro for decades, even in the late stages of Vietnam. If their not concerned about it, neither should anyone else in the Military

  14. Sean says:

    This is a Huge step in the right direction. I will be glad to see a good pair of pants with knee pad inserts for a cheaper price than Crye. Dont get me wrong I only wear Crye and they are awesome but if another manufacture can give us a break on price and also this will eventually be standard issue . The guy who said they swing or are not great has never wore them on a OP . They allow you to move so much faster! Very comfy, you dont know they are there.