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CamoScience App Makes Custom Precision Camo Design a Reality

Tuesday, September 13th, 2011

Soldier Systems Daily unveils exclusive photo evidence.

We have mentioned Special Operations Apps and their CamoScience app in the past. CamoScience is an App for Smart Devices like the iPhone 4/5 and IPad 2.

Interestingly, SOA contacted us after reading the recent article published last week here on SSD concerning NECC’s (Naval Expeditionary Combat Command) lack of an issue combat uniform and a version of what appears to be unique Navy DIY Camo. They provided these pictures as photo-evidence of a new solution for the unique requirements of expeditionary units like the NECC and SOF.

As you can see, MW R&D and Special Operations Apps have moved past the proof of concept phase by showing these first public photos of CamoScience App Designs being printed digitally-direct to fabric and using MW R&D’s proprietary processes.

This is a custom camouflage design made real by combining elements from:
-Smart Device
-Reliable Intel (GEOINT)
-Digitally Printing Direct-To-Fabric
-Just-In-Time Custom Manufacturing

According to the company’s President, K. Dominic Cincotti, MW R&D and SOA are in talks now with leading Tactical and Hunting/Outdoor Companies to utilize this new proprietary process. Cincotti is the inventor of Photographic/Camera derived Camouflage.

“The truly great thing about using our process and this App is that it would allow for SOF to make their own CAMO designs”, Cincotti said.

“Operators could use the latest technology, without having to rely on ‘CAMO Artists’, with little knowledge of SOF operational or tactical concerns. The App even converts photos to MilSpec colors if that need exists.”

In 2007 Photo-Realâ„¢ and Photo-Stealthâ„¢ camo debuted. They were printed onto special adhesive vinyls and applied to SOF hardware and equipment. In 2009 a unique grip was added to these technologies and was applied to weapons.

Today, Soldier Systems Daily received these first photos of this new type of camo, produced using completely digital means on textiles. According to the company, a wide range of textiles and fabrics can now be utilized. The printer applies the pattern directly to your grey goods.

SOA in association with MW R&D are now in beta-testing with new Apps for release this winter.