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SOFEX – Collaborate Directly With App Developers

Operators can interface directly with Special Operations Apps at SOFEX located 1 & 2 November at Ft Bragg to suggest new apps.

“SOA is attending SOFEX to allow SF Operators and SF leaders to let us know exactly which Apps they need — immediately,” said K. Dominic Cincotti,president and founder of Special Operations Apps. “No other company in existence produces Apps specifically with SF Operators in mind,” Cincotti said.

“The SOA Apps process works this way: Former Operators like David Mullins, an SF Operator on four continents throughout his career, translates needs into task orders for the SOA development team,” Cincotti said. “That team includes Dr. Craig Hunter — who has already won Best App honors in the Apple Store — and Samuel Thompson, who worked on NASA’s unmanned Mars exploration, before working on SOA concepts and solutions.

Among the SOA apps on display at SOFEX are CamoScience HD — the application that now integrates the high-definition video of the Apple iPhone 4S for camouflage on demand, executed direct to garment and for next-generation adaptive concealment, known as GEOINT Camouflage.

SOF Operators will then be able to purchase and use the Apps they suggest through the SFAppStore.com beginning in 2012.


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5 Responses to “SOFEX – Collaborate Directly With App Developers”

  1. Travis says:

    Knowing that Apple tracks and records information, not only on their and the service providers servers, but directly on the device, how does this put our operators at risk? Is this aspect of the discussion on the table?

  2. Kevin says:

    If these Apps are customized to meet Special Forces needs, that would mean that basic issues like tracking, or possibly even the opposite-providing misleading tracking information, has already been taken into account.
    The article goes on to point out that Android/Dell’s Mobile Security received Defense Systems Agency Approval yesterday. Apple iOS will likely follow suit also, the potential military market is much to important/large for that not to happen.

    Both Android and Apple Smart Phones and iPads or Slate devices-are huge leaps forward from a technology perspective. They can improve tactical efficiency and lighten the load. These devices have multiple uses through custom Apps that could replace 5 or more other pieces of hardware and equipment and do the job more efficiently. Plus, many soldiers already know or own these smart devices for personal use. This means that handbooks and training time to use them for tactical purposes is dramatically decreased.
    Check out SOA’s motto:
    “Warrior Legacy, Killer Apps.”
    Very cool.

  3. mike says:

    Yes, what Kevin said.

    Also, I highly doubt anyone worth their salt would be running any of these devices on stock ROMs. Root them and run your own OS variant and you can cut out the spying nonsense. The hardware itself is excellent and very well suited towards the specialized needs of the specwar community.

  4. m5 says:

    The iphone is a nice toy, but – huh – would you trust it for combat?

    It’ll break if you drop it, step on it or look at it in the wrong way. Sooner rather than later. It’ll break if it gets submerged. You can’t use it wearing (ordinary) gloves. It won’t work if it’s cold. You can’t change the battery. In short, you’ll have to babysit it to keep it working.

    Ok, you can get some covers to make your smartphone a bit more rugged, water resistant etc. But the fact remains that in the end these are just flimsy civilian devices designed for usage down town.

    That said, the smart phone concept and OS’s might have lot of military utility, but the hardware really would need to be a lot more rugged.

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