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US NIGHT VISION introduces new product at SHOT Show 2018

Wednesday, January 17th, 2018

TRIAD C1 Aiming Laser (Green Visible / IR Pointer / IR Laser Illuminator) Eye-Safe Version


As a follow-up to the recent Triad™ Mil / LE multi-beam weapon laser, we are proud to announce that an upgraded “Class 1” civilian version is now available, which incorporates a high-power eye-safe infrared laser illuminator. Also, Mil Standard-810G and ESD compliant, the Triad™ C1 is offered at an even more affordable end-user price point! Yet another stunning breakthrough in the tactical laser market, the Triad™ C1 combines both a covert eye-safe IR aiming laser and collimate-able infrared illuminator for tactical night vision operations and the very latest advanced generation Green aiming laser for dim light or daytime targeting applications. Sighting the laser is as easy as sighting in the green visible laser, which automatically aligns the IR Pointer and Illuminator.

Specifically designed for the civilian / Law Enforcement market, the aiming lasers are controlled with a single set of low-profile windage and elevation dials that greatly simplify bore-sighting and adjustment manipulations. Both aiming lasers and laser illuminator can be operated individually or simultaneously (IR Pointer/IR Illuminator) in various combinations. Activation is controlled with the included remote cable pressure pad switch or the built–in single tap “FIRE” button located on top of the housing body for easy access.

Despite all its many advanced features, the Triad™ C1 is remarkably compact and maintains a low profile when weapon mounted. The ruggedized design of the Triad™ C1 ensures continued operation when submerged or when subjected to repeated heavy recoil. The system also includes an integral Picatinny rail for additional accessories as well as an adjustable quick detach throw lever mount with lock to prevent accidental detachment in the field. Advanced features include hydraulic windage / elevations controls which require no tools in the field. The IR Illuminator beam collumation is controlled from an easy to reach knob on the back of the system. The lens cap is held in place with a rare earth magnet, while the laser is kinetic. Power is supplied by a standard CR123 battery.

NOW AVAILABLE for a SPECIAL SHOT SHOW pricing through January 31st for $695. Normal retail price is $995.

Go direct to our website and order using PROMO CODE GB007 at www.usnightvision.com.

Come visit us in booth #20105.

Industry companies take to the Wilds of Idaho on annual hunting trip

Saturday, December 30th, 2017

Take a few minutes out of your day and come join with us in the Wilds of Idaho with a bunch of industry folks hunting in the mountains of Idaho. Employees and gear from Blac-Rac, 2A Arms, Off the Reservation, Leupold, Attleboro Knives, MCM Firearms, US Night Vision, Snake River Yamaha, and Fox Pro all join together in some of the most remote country in the USA, The Frank Church Wilderness of No Return.

US Night Vision – Triad Green Laser/IR Laser/IR Illuminator

Wednesday, March 5th, 2014

Triad Mil

US Night Vision’s Triad is a Mil Standard-810G and ESD compliant multi-beam weapon laser. The Triad houses a covert IR aiming laser, Focusable IR illuminator, and Green aiming laser. The lasers and illuminator are slaved to one another and controlled with a single set of low-profile windage and elevation dials. Additionally, alll three lighting sources can be operated individually or in various combinations. The Triad is activated via an included remote cable pressure pad or the built-in single tap button located on top of the housing body.

The low profile Triad is designed to withstand submersion as well as repeated heavy recoil. An integral Picatinny rail allows for additional accessories, and a quick detach throw lever mount, which can be user adjusted and locked to prevent accidental detachment, allows for rapid removal of the Triad.

The Triad is powered with 1 CR123 with a run time of 4 hours. Restricted to LE/Military.

Triad Civ

US Night Vision also offers a C1 Civilian Legal variant of the Triad. The Civilian and LE/Mil share many of the same features and controls, however the Civilian variant does feature these differences:

– Does not feature an IR illuminator
– Reduced power IR laser – capable of visibility out to 200 meters
– Reduced power Green laser – capable of visibility out to 400 meters
– Capable of run time of 6 hours on 1 CR123 battery
– 30% reduction in price when compared to LE/Mil variant


The Nightstalker from US Night Vision and Starwood Motors

Friday, January 10th, 2014

For kids, the dark was always been thought of as scary and symbolized the unknown. The “Night Stalker” is an incredibly new concept Jeep created by Starwood Motors of Dallas, Texas. Starwood Motors has made a name for it’s self with creating jaw-dropping custom Jeeps that are recognized all over the world and now they’ve partnered with US Night Vision & Kryptek Outdoor to create one of the most outstanding Jeep projects to ever see the light of day…or the darkness of night. Night Stalker will be debuted at SHOT Show 2014 in US Night Vision Booth 20105.



Might Be Time To Wrap My Mags

Sunday, December 8th, 2013

Problem is, I can’t decide which Mag Wrap to use.


US Night Vision offers a wide variety of Mag Wraps from Rapid Wraps. In addition to various Pro-2A and Mil-Spec Monkey designs, they also offer images from the Hot Shots Calendar. They for standard AR-15 magazines and stop right at the mag well so there is no interference between the magazine and the weapon. User installed, each package will retrofit 2 Magazines.


Military-Grade Optics Meets iOS via US Night Vision and Special Operations Apps

Monday, May 28th, 2012

We are constantly impressed with the development work that Special Operations Apps conducts. This latest project sees them teaming with US Night Vision, Hoodman USA, and Jonathan Springer to produce the Special Operations Apps/System for Optical Attachments or [SOA]2. It offers image geo-tagging in the standard Military Grid Reference System in frame-stamped high-definition video, geo-located and accurate within seven (7) meters.

Unveiled at last week’s SOFIC, the concept is to attach mobile mat devices to weapons and use them to record data and add value to the weapon’s other sensors such as image intensification systems.

SOA established a Joint Teaming Alliance (JTA) with US Night Vision, Hoodman USA, and Jonathan Springer, the US Army captain who created the critically acclaimed Tactical Nav App that has been soldier-deployed in the fiercest combat zones.

In a press release, SOA founder K. Dominic Cincotti related, “In addition to the Apple iPhone 4S and the New iPad,”we’re also excited about the platforms and devices like the Windows phones, the Android, the Lumia 9000, and the Nokia PureView, with its game-changing 41-megapixel camera.” He added that all of these are under consideration for [SOA]2 development, and his companies are in continuing talks with Nokia.

PVS14 iPhone Adapter Available Through BHI

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

Blackheart International was set up just around the corner from US Night Vision at SHOT Show. Looks like they saw the PVS14 iPhone Adapter we wrote about.

I still think this was one of the best things that came out of SHOT Show this year. The concept is pretty simple and combines the strengths of night vision and digital imagery. The adapter connects the AN/PVS14 to an iPhone. You can use your preferred digital photography app to capture and manipulate stills and full motion video. Then, it’s as simple as transmitting the data via SMS or email.


US Night Vision PVS14 iPhone Adapter

Friday, January 20th, 2012


US Night Vision showed us an adapter that connects the AN/PVS14 to an iPhone. Manufactured form aircraft aluminum, it slides right onto the phone and features a view hole and threads that screw into the threads on the 14. Once the iPhone is in camera mode you can take full advantage of the features of the camera app, including zoom and image stabilization. Then, sharing photos and video is as simple as SMS or email.

Models are also already available dor the Galaxy and Casio Commando but look for additional Droid and Blackberry options soon.

This is literally one of the coolest things we have seen all week.