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US Night Vision – Triad Green Laser/IR Laser/IR Illuminator

Triad Mil

US Night Vision’s Triad is a Mil Standard-810G and ESD compliant multi-beam weapon laser. The Triad houses a covert IR aiming laser, Focusable IR illuminator, and Green aiming laser. The lasers and illuminator are slaved to one another and controlled with a single set of low-profile windage and elevation dials. Additionally, alll three lighting sources can be operated individually or in various combinations. The Triad is activated via an included remote cable pressure pad or the built-in single tap button located on top of the housing body.

The low profile Triad is designed to withstand submersion as well as repeated heavy recoil. An integral Picatinny rail allows for additional accessories, and a quick detach throw lever mount, which can be user adjusted and locked to prevent accidental detachment, allows for rapid removal of the Triad.

The Triad is powered with 1 CR123 with a run time of 4 hours. Restricted to LE/Military.

Triad Civ

US Night Vision also offers a C1 Civilian Legal variant of the Triad. The Civilian and LE/Mil share many of the same features and controls, however the Civilian variant does feature these differences:

– Does not feature an IR illuminator
– Reduced power IR laser – capable of visibility out to 200 meters
– Reduced power Green laser – capable of visibility out to 400 meters
– Capable of run time of 6 hours on 1 CR123 battery
– 30% reduction in price when compared to LE/Mil variant


4 Responses to “US Night Vision – Triad Green Laser/IR Laser/IR Illuminator”

  1. TCBA_Joe says:

    They really should have at least put a low level short range illuminator where the restricted one goes.

  2. MikeM says:

    That’s even less low pro than the PEQ15s. I don’t see how this could be desired over a PEQ-16, unless the price is crazy low. Looks kinda heavy, too, especially with that great rail slapped on the side.

    • USNV says:

      The price is CRAZY low.. It is not “that” heavy, the durability gained from the more substantial aluminum housing is well worth the 3 oz it adds. The visible laser on the LE model is stupid! at 100 yards, at high noon, on a sunny, cloudless day we could clearly see the green aiming point. he power is perfectly balanced for both indoor and outdoor use. With too much power used indoors the beam will reflect/bounce of walls. This is not a good thing.

    • NP says:

      Its actually smaller than the PEQ-15. I’d imagine it sits the same on the rail (if not MORE low-pro).

      It does weigh more (by 2oz), but its also more than half the cost of a PEQ-15. Makes sense for LEOs.