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London Bridge Trading – Titan Low Vis Backpack Available for Pre-order


LBT’s Titan backpack is a mid-sized modular backpack with multiple hook and loop pouch configuration capabilities. The main compartment base and side panels are fully lined with loop for customization. Two mesh zippered pockets line the front internal panel along with loop above and below for call signs/patch storage. A top zippered access pocket features three 1″ elastic loops, for items such as tac lights, pistol mags, or utility tools. An external angled side zippered pocket fits miscellaneous items and a lower side mesh pocket features bungie retention for items such as bottles. A dual zippered access back compartment is capable of fitting up to a 15″ MacBook Pro without a case. The Titan also features a padded breathable mesh back with air flow channels.


The Titan will be available in MultiCam, MAS Grey, Wolf Grey, Tan 499. Available for pre-order online; product is expected to ship at the end of April.



25 Responses to “London Bridge Trading – Titan Low Vis Backpack Available for Pre-order”

  1. D says:


    • Badjujuu says:


      • mike says:

        only a matter of time with the pouches they made to fit the Khard that they would have a bag to help capture a few more sales.

        • Badjujuu says:

          Which kind of sucks. I already own Khard and there are features on this bag that I wish Khard had.

  2. james says:

    They have come up with another really sweet load carrage… Nicely done… and they have are very solid when it come to their builds… NIce work guys

  3. Brave but stupid says:

    Any idea what its capacity is?

  4. Doc_robalt says:

    Kinda looks a lil like the Mystery Ranch Spartan with the way it opens, and its low profile.

  5. CRH says:

    Why do companies think its ok to rip off others designs? LBT has been grasping at straws for a long time since the government budget cuts. I understand a company has to do what it takes to survive but at what cost to your brand and integrity? As mentioned above this is a knock off of the Khard and What makes this Low Vis? News flash first off nothing camo is low vis. Secondly, hire some talented designers to come up with some unique products to help you action better commercial opportunities.

    • Mechanic says:

      LBT designs and produces the pouches for the Khard, why wouldn’t they produce their own bag for their own pouches? I don’t see much validity in your argument.

    • paul says:

      i think some companies confuse low-visibility with low-profile and small footprint

      • Reseremb says:

        Maybe they’re referring to the other colors available, MAS Grey, Wolf Grey and Tan 499.

        • Petro says:

          Did any one ever consider that perhaps the Khard was a modified LBT medic bag and that they might also make the Khard? The dead bird defenders can put their feathers back down now.

  6. Mechanic says:

    Image 4 had me stumped for a minute, but a quick google search uncovered the Mechanix hoodie.


    My first thought was that it was a reversible jacket, but alas, no such luck.

  7. Chuck Mac says:

    What is the cool stuff being worn by the Russians ? Did they have competition for their camo color ? Can they wear that color downrange? Did they knock it off some other manuf ?

  8. SCOTT says:

    News Flash! Khard pack was not the first pack to showcase the features it does. It was barely the first in the tactical market. It was the first on a mainstream level with major validation from operators world wide. This is certainly a “less-good” version of that pack which is a demand that needed to be filled. Also don’t forget they had a hand in the design so the label “ripoff” is a bit dramatic.

    • CRH says:

      Well, Scott you’re wrong about the joint design, Arcteryx does not jointly design anything with anyone especially LBT, LBT did the pouches for the inside that is all. So if the Khard wasn’t the first pack of its kind please educate us which pack was the first with these features.

      • Eric says:

        Not trying to add fuel to the fire. But I’ve got an Eberlestock Halftrack that I’ve had for a few years that has many of the features that both of these packs poccess. I can’t say positively, but I’m pretty sure the Halftrack came out before the Khard. Just my two cents.

        • Trajan says:

          Yeah, I have one too and that’s what I was thinking.

          I will say that that darker grey color is quite sharp looking.

      • Bobby davro says:

        Medic packs have been designed with hook and loop for decades also take a look at ares armour eod packs hell the first kinda similar design I saw was a British army medic day sack

      • MM says:

        Arc’teryx does collaborate with other companies. VERTX would be one example. watch the vid: http://www.wearvertx.com/Vertx-Soft-Shell-Jacket.aspx

  9. ODG says:

    Cool photo, great looking helmet cover! Thanks for the product placement Alex!

  10. doc_robalt says:

    Thought I posted this earlier, not sure if it got deleted…. Anyways, kinda looks like the Mystery Ranch Spartan.

  11. Will says:

    Look, Arc’teryx, LBT and Mystery Ranch all share the same end users and requests from them cross pollinate, I think it is less ripping another company off and more the same group of end users requesting the same features from each company and the result is different interpretations of the requests.